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Wizards are members of The Academy who have specialized in conjuring elemental powers to deal damage against the enemies of Albion in a variety of ways. They have the ability to cast bolts of powerful elemental magic from great distances, which deal heavy amounts of damage when successfully landed. They are also capable of casting damage in a radius around their bodies to ward off enemies and inflict elemental pain in the form of area effect spells. Wizards have the choice of specializing in three types of elemental magic: Ice, Earth, and Fire. Each spell line has its own strengths and weaknesses when weighed against each other.

Attributes & Races[]

Briton 60 + 45 60 + 23 60 + 15 60606060602% Crush3% Slash5% Spirit
Avalonian 80 + 45 60 + 23 70 + 15 45456060602% Crush3% Slash5% Spirit
Inconnu 70 + 45 70 + 23 50 + 15 50606060602% Crush3% Thrust5% Heat5% Spirit
Half Ogre 60 + 45 40 + 23 40 + 15 90706060603% Slash2% Thrust5% Body

Abilities & Specialization[]

409s Sprint
400s Quick Cast

Earth Magic
Cold Magic
Fire Magic

104s Cloth

209s Staves

Master Levels
2635s Convoker
2608s Stormlord

Sub Classes
3616s Acolyte
3696s Disciple
3702s Elementalist
3628s Fighter
3636s Rogue

496s Alchemy
498s Armorcraft
485s Basic Crafting
489s Fletching
488s Spellcrafting
492s Tailoring
499s Weaponcraft
497s Siegecraft




Realm Abilities[]

Symbol vote yes2 Primary Realm Abilities Symbol vote yes2 Neutral Secondary Realm Abilities Neutral Symbol vote no2 Useless Realm Abilities Symbol vote no2

Ras Augmented Acuity
Ras Augmented Dexterity
Ras Mastery of Magery
Ras Physical Defense
Ras Serenity
Ras Wild Power

Ras Augmented Constitution
Ras Long Wind
Ras Mastery of Focus
Ras Toughness

Ras Augmented Quickness
Ras Augmented Strength
Ras Ethereal Bond
Ras Lifter
Ras Mastery of Pain
Ras Veil Recovery

3006s Mastery of Concentration
3010s Purge

3025s Decimation Trap
3024s Volcanic Pillar

3001s Adrenaline Rush
3005s Concentration
3000s First Aid
3008s Mystic Crystal Lore
3009s Raging Power
3002s Second Wind
3007s The Empty Mind

Realm Rank 5 Ability[]

Name Wall of Flame
Reuse 15 Minutes
Effect Insta-cast spell that drops a ward that pulses a 150 radius PBAE fire based for 15 seconds. Pulse is 400 points of damage every 3 seconds. Additionally receives a 200 value, 100% value ablative buff. This ablative will pulse every 3 seconds and last 10 seconds each pulse.

Useful Artifacts[]


  • Eerie Darkness Light Stone
  • Erinys Charm
  • Atlantis Tablet
  • Gem of Lost Memories (casters)
  • Bracelet of Zo'arkat
  • Jacina's Sash
  • Orion's Belt

Other Useful Items[]


  • Stonewatch Pin
  • Clockwork Hessionite
  • Ring of Arcane Gestures
  • Ring of the Magi
  • Ring of the Torrent
  • Bank of Shadow Construct
  • Forged Ring Tick
  • Bracer of Arcane
  • Vigor Bracer of Snow
  • Bracer of Graceful Adroitness
  • Bracer of the Deep
  • Molten Hephastian Belt
  • Traldor's Belt
  • Fadrin's Belt of Power
  • Woven Hair of Malamis
  • Chain of Cerberus


Lesser/Average/Greater Focal Mythirian Lesser/Average/Greater Power Mythirian Augmented/Bolstering Adroit Mythirian

Dragon Intellect Mythirian Dragon Power Mythirian