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Quest Start: Gershwin
Quest Finish: Jessica

Quest Text[]


Visit with Jessica north of town to find out what is bothering her, if you can try and help her for Gershin, (Note: Jessica's location will be noted with a red waypoint on the overview map)


Excuse me *class*, can I ask a favor of you? My daughter Jessica has been having a terrible time ever since the fighting broke out. She used to love taking a boat over to the island to play, but now a days all she does is sulk in the woods north of town. Perhaps you could find the time to speak with her, she won't talk with her father anymore but perhaps you can find out what's been bugging her?

Jessica says, "Hello ma'am, it's a nice day isn't it? About the only fun thing left to do around here is explore the forest. Though my father hates it when I leave for too long... I just wish I could go back to the [island]."

Jessica says, "I used to go there nearly ever day; my father gave me this reed flute you see. When you would play it near the water thousands of dragonflies would come to you. I [lost] it my last trip out though."

Jessica says, "Yes, I lost it the last time I was out on the island. I think I was playing in the light house before my father came and rushed me away. That was the day the invaders came. I could let my dragonfly give you help you to the island if you'd like?"

Use /search to look for Jessica's flute.

Oh my, it's my old flute! Where ever did you find it? I hope it wasn't to hard to find. My father already replaced it for me. You can have my new one though if you'd like? I'm glad to have this one back.


Dragonfly Handler Paul just outside the lighthouse will allow you to purchase a dragonfly to fly back to Holtham


  • Reed Flute
  • 772 experience
  • 2 silver 48 copper