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Will DAoC work with a network which is connected to the Internet over Sygate Home Network?

Sygate Home Network is used to create a personal computer or server as a firewall allowing certain in-network computers in the building or household to have access to each other on a limited basis. It also has additional abilities to allow certain traffic though or block it. There could be a conflict with SHN if the Enable Enhanced Security is selected in the Configuration window.

As stated by Sygate Home Network, this is what can be found in their Help Program:

"Enable Enhanced Security With Enhanced Security enabled, Sygate's circuit-level firewall blocks incoming Internet traffic on ports 1-1000 and 5000-65,536. With Enhanced Security enabled, however, the server machine and network web servers on the Sygate Server will not be able accessible from the Internet through the shared connection managed by the Sygate Home Network server. Servers with access rules that are set up behind the Sygate server will still work."

Permissions settings also allow you to make Black and White Lists, these are useful if you wish to allow certain web sites from your home network, SUCH AS DAoC. You will need to use the IP addresses of the servers you connect to for login, patching and game use into the WHITE LIST in the Permissions Editor Window. You need to open the ADD BWLIST ITEM window, enter protocol type (you may need to try each one to see which works best), leave internal IP address alone, and enter specific DAoC external IP address and leave Port No. to All Ports (for best success). Make sure the "During Below Period" allows access 24/7, or as long as you want to have access to the server for game play. Hit ok and that entry will be added. Remember that for EACH DAoC server, you will have to add another entry in the BWLIST.

We also suggest that you use something else besides Sygate Home Network such as Sygate Personal Firewall because SHN will not necessarily catch email attachments that could threaten your internal system. Keep in mind these are only guidelines to make your system compatible with DAoC, you personally are responsible for keeping the integrity of your own computer and system. The changes you may make to your system to be compatible with the necessary rules for playing our game may open your computer up to attacks from others (not us). Use your best judgment in how you choose to configure your system specs to what we provide for compatibility.