Dark Age of Camelot Wiki
While playing Dark Age of Camelot, I do not hear any game sounds. What could be wrong?

1) Make sure your speakers are on and the volume is turned up.

2) Please be sure to connect your speakers to the proper port on your sound card. (See manufacturers installation instructions for your sound card)

3) Double check your operating system's wave balance and volume control settings to be sure they are not muted. This can be done by double clicking the speaker icon in your system tray in the bottom right hand corner of your desktop.

4) The music and sounds options must be configured from the Config Settings menu in DaoC.

5) Be sure to download the most recent sound card drivers for your computer. To do this connect to the Internet and find your card manufacturer's website. To find the maker of your card click on the Windows start button. Click Run. Type in DXDIAG and press enter. Click on the audio tab. The name of the sound card will appear by provider. Be sure to visit that manufacturers site and download the latest drivers.

6) Make sure there are no IRQ conflicts in your system pertaining to your soundcard. Right click my computer, click on properties, click on device manager, click on sound video and game controllers. If there is any type of conflict you will see a yellow exclamation point. Right click the device with the visible error and click on properties. Click on the resources tab and proceed to resolve any conflicts shown in the conflicting device list box.

7) If you have a motherboard that has onboard-integrated audio, you may need to disable this if you have a third party soundcard installed in your machine. This can be done in your motherboards BIOS. Refer to your motherboards manual on how to properly disable this.

8) If you have removed an existing soundcard and have just installed a new soundcard in your system, be sure to remove existing soundcards from the device manager as well as the add/remove software section, which can be found in the control panel of Windows.