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Where can I find basic information about the Shrouded Isles Expansion?

Q: What is Dark Age of Camelot: Shrouded Isles?

A: Dark Age of Camelot: Shrouded Isles is the first expansion pack available for Dark Age of Camelot players. It extends the story of the original game with new character classes, new races, and three new continents to explore - all displayed in an all-new state-of-the-art graphics engine that will make it look as advanced as any game on the market. Here is a short list of features:

New graphical engine with spectacular new visual effects Three new Continents in which to explore and adventure (one per realm) One new player race per Realm Two new player classes per Realm All new ambient music Revamped user interface

Q: Do I have to have Dark Age of Camelot to play Shrouded Isles?

A: Yes, you will have to have the original game in order to play Shrouded Isles.

Q: Will old areas of the world look better in the new engine?

A: Yes, when you upgrade to Shrouded Isles, even the older parts of the world will look much better. New trees, water effects, and especially textures will look much more sharp, detailed, and realistic. Of course the new continents will look best of all, as they are being designed specifically with the new engine's features in mind.

Q: Can I re-open my account to play Shrouded Isles?

A: Yes, if you are a former Dark Age of Camelot player, after your purchase Shrouded Isles, you can reactivate your account and play in the new areas with your old characters. We have not deleted any characters from the game database, so even if your account has been closed for a long time, your old characters are still accessible should you decide to reopen your account.

Q: What are the new areas that will be available in Shrouded Isles?

A: New Island Continents

Three large new island continents have been added to the world of Dark Age of Camelot for you to explore - from a forest paradise in jeopardy in Hibernia to the legendary home lands of the Trolls in Midgard to the famous island of Avalon in Albion - there are a myriad of new creatures, lands, and adventures to be discovered.

HyBrasil - Hibernia

In Hibernia, the island of HyBrasil was generally considered to be a long-lost myth enclosed in the depths of time. For generations, myths told around the campfires of the Realm spoke of the beautiful wooded paradise of HyBrasil, homeland to the Sylvan, the protectors of the ancient woodlands. These same legends described how the Celts and Firbolg were taught both the love of nature as well as the use of nature as the source of their druidic magic. Campfire tales such as these were thought to be legend only - until the Hibernian Council was visited one day by an emissary of the Sylvan, a creature directly from the pages of myth.

The Sylvan emissary brought with him a tale of great woe - HyBrasil, their home, was being invaded by a race of creatures focuses on destroying the very land itself. These evil monsters, called Fomorians, seemed to have a purpose to their actions - they seemed to seek out the Sylvan and their most treasured natural areas, and destroy them, taking delight in the wanton destruction of both Sylvan and tree alike. The Sylvan have no recourse but to ally with the Hibernians to drive the Fomorians out of HyBrasil.

Avalon - Albion

Albion has long been plagued by the evil forces led by Morgan Le Fay in her bid to achieve domination over all of Arthur's former land. Her dark magic has called back the corpses and skeletons of long-dead Roman soldiers, who serve as foot soldiers in her army. Now, she's gone one step further and forged an alliance with the Drakoran, a race of dragon-men. The Drakoran, rumored to be led by a real dragon of fearsome size and strength, have laid waste to the island of Avalon, ruining its beautiful capital city - the center of learning for all of Albion - and forcing its population to run in fear.

Arawn, lord of the underworld, has long simmered in frustration at Morgan Le Fay stealing his minions by returning them as walking corpses to the surface world. This frustration has grown to concern because of the new power wielded by her in light of her recent alliance with the Drakoran. Faced with this dangerous situation, Arawn has decided to aid the forces of Albion in their joint quest to force the Drakoran from Avalon and rid the Realm of Morgan Le Fay's evil presence once and for all. Arawn's help comes in the form of the Inconnu, his personal slave race, who offer their services to Albion. The Albion-Inconnu alliance is sworn to defeat the Drakoran and Morgan Le Fay.

Aegir - Midgard

Troll and Kobold myths tell of the Troll Fathers, a race of ancient and wise creatures who were the precursors to both of these underground races. The Troll Fathers of legend lived on an island called Aegir in their formidable underground city, Trollheim. Young Trolls and Kobolds were told these stories of the Troll Fathers, especially about their legendary wisdom and power.

Then one day, right out of the pages of myth, a lone Troll Father came to Jordheim, bringing with him a tale of woe and dismay. A race of prehistoric savages, the Morvalt, swept across Aegir, destroying all in their path. Trollheim held out for a long time, and resistance still continues, but most of the island has come under the domination of these savage beasts. The Troll Fathers have been successful in taming some of the savages, though. This tamed group, known as the Valkyn, have adapted to Midgard ways, accepted their god as one of the Norse pantheon, and has joined forces with the Troll Fathers and the Norse to cleanse Aegir and Trollheim of the Morvaltar.

Q: What are the new races that will be available in Shrouded Isles?

A: New Races

Three new races are available to play in Dark Age of Camelot: Shrouded Isles - one per Realm. These races come right from the story of the conflict in each Realm: the Sylvan, the Inconnu, and the Valkyn.

The Sylvan - Hibernia

The Sylvan are a race of dryads, or spirits who have a close affinity with plants, especially trees. They have a bond with nature that goes deeper than that of other Hibernian races. Sylvan are humanoid, with bark-like skin and long, slender appendages. Their hair can be the color of leaves of any season: green, yellow, orange, and red.

The Inconnu - Albion

The Inconnu are small albino creatures with large eyes. They have proportionally large heads, and are particularly adept at interacting with the dead souls that populate their home in the Underworld. Their hair can be any light color - white, light blue, light purple, among others.

The Valkyn - Midgard

The Valkyn are a throw-back savage race of creatures that are in some ways more animal than civilized. Their culture is rudimentary at best, but is advanced enough to produce a religious system that has proven compatible with the Norse. They are hairy, slender, and lithe.

Q: What are the new classes that will be available in Shrouded Isles?

A: There are 6 new classes in the Shrouded Isles expansion, 2 per realm.

Albion - Necromancer and Reaver

Both are servants of Arawn, lord of the underworld. Necromancers are the clerics of Arawn, and as such are given abilities to summon undead to aid them, as well as have spells such as life taps and life transfers. The Reaver is a hybrid Necromancer/Fighter, and will gain the ability to use some weapon types and armor as well as have limited spell casting that will damage their enemies.

Hibernia - Animist and Valewalker

Both of these classes are based on the Sylvan's love and affinity for nature. The Animist is a well-rounded spellcaster who additionally gains the ability to use plants as pets. The Valewalker is a hybrid fighter who specializes in the use of the Scythe, wears cloth armor, and can cast magical shields to protect themselves.

Midgard - Bonedancer and Savage

The new Midgard classes reflect the less-civilized nature of the Valkyn. The Savage is a hand-to-hand specialist fighter, who fights with his hands, to which they affix primitive weapons. The Bonedancer is a tribal spellcaster who can re-animate the skeletons of the dead, as well as have other utility spellcasting abilities.