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When will my account be charged

When will my account be charged?

You are required to place a credit card on file when creating an account; however, you will not be charged until after your free trail period has expired. The trial period starts the day you install the game and set up an account. To avoid being billed, simply cancel your account at any time during your trial period.

Trial Period:

Retail Dark Age of Camelot Game: 30 day trial period

All other trials: 7 or 14 day trial period

Once you select a billing period, the charge will be recurring until the account is closed. For example, if you choose the 3-month subscription cycle, you will be billed $40.35 quarterly until the account is cancelled. When you cancel an account, you will be able to finish any remaining time left in the current subscription period.

You can check your next billing date via the game interface. To check your next scheduled billing date, select the "Account Info" button on the server selection screen. The new window that opens will contain your account details including your next renewal date and subscription rate. Please note that the next renewal date is shown in yyyy-mm-dd format. In addition, please bear in mind that all billing takes place at 12 AM Eastern; therefore, if you wish to cancel your account before being re-billed, please cancel the day before your renewal date.