Dark Age of Camelot Wiki
What will armed combat be like?

One of the biggest problems with other online RPGs is that a magic-using character is fun and exciting to play, but an Arms-wielding fighter usually has only a few options to keep combat fun and interesting. Camelot, however, will feature "combat styles", which are unique fighting moves that must be learned by fighting characters in much the same way that a spell casters has to learn new spells.

Combat styles are initiated based what is happening in the fight. For example, a style could be performed when you parry an attack, or when your attacker misses you. Some higher-level styles are based on previous styles - i.e. you cannot perform them unless you have performed a lower level one. The highest level styles are "chained" - they require that you have performed other styles in succession. When a high-level "chained" style hits, it will result in massive damage.

By studying the fighting styles of monsters and other players, fighters will find that some styles work better in some situations than in others. Fighting classes will be able to learn new styles as they train each skill.

Melee-oriented characters can expect to learn styles from one to three different lines, each consisting of up to 15 styles.  Each style has a special animation and weapon effect graphics so that everyone watching will know that a style has been performed.