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What permissions can I give to housefriends?

Shift + right click on an interior wall to bring up the House Interior Options menu and select Access. Here you will see three catagories of permissions: Vault Options, Decorations and Options.

Vault Options allow you grant housefriends access to your house vaults. Selecting 'view' will allow housefriends to open your vault, but not remove or place items there. 'Add' will allow them to place items but not remove items, and 'remove' will allow housefriends full access to your vault, including the ability to remove its contents. Important: homeowners are responsible for vault security. CSRs cannot replace items removed by players who have been granted permission to do so, or intervene in any way.

Decorations allow you to grant housefriends the ability to place and remove interior (including hookpoint items) and exterior decorations. As with vaults, homeowners are solely responsible for the security of objects on their property.

Access permissions, when enabled, will allow housefriends to help you manage your property as well as use selected hookpoint items:

Use Tools (allows players to use crafting stations in your house)

Use Merchants (allows players to access your hookpoint merchants, including teleport merchants).

Enter house.

Ability to banish (allows players to use the /boot command)

Use bind stones (allows players to bind in your house and use the /release house command to return there after death).

Change external appearance (allows players to change the exterior appearance of your house including the roof, door, awning, trim and guild banners).

Pay rent. (allows players to deposit coin into your lockbox – housefriends can only pay rent with coin, not with bounty points).

Add/remove to/from consignment merchant (allows players to place items for sale and set prices, as well as remove any item).

Withdraw from consignment merchant (allows players to remove coin from the consignment merchant).