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What new areas come with Trials of Atlantis, and how do I get there?

The dimensional gateways that are part of the Trials of Atlantis are still functional, and new areas have become available for exploration. These new lands are populated by a variety of creatures and people. Whatever and whomever you meet in these new lands, rest assured they are of magical origin and will provide great challenges.

The new Trials areas each contain several outdoor terrain zones and dungeons:

Oceanus - A land of sunken ruins, islands, and deep oceans. This zone features sunken ships, destroyed temples and underwater caverns full of hostile creatures, as well as ships that players can buy and sail where they wish.

Stygia - Stygia is a searing desert where players will encounter creatures from a twisted Egyptian mythology.

Volcanus - A land of fiery lava flows, violent eruptions and blasted landscape. Here you will encounter many fearsome creatures, including the warlike Taurs. Also in Volcanus is a temple, a fiery hell hidden deep within the heart of an active volcano!

Aerus - Once-pristine forests on the slopes of a giant mountain. This was once the pinnacle of Atlantean civilization, where they perfected the art of suspending cities in the sky and had animated statues to do their bidding. Now decaying after the fall of Atlantis, the sky city has begun to crumble and the inhabitants to run amok.