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What is the story behind the new races?

Recently, new allies have appeared to join in the fight for supremacy. One new race has appeared in each Realm:

Albion Half Ogre

Due to some misunderstandings that occurred at the time of the Drakoran invasion, the Thrawn Ogres of Krondon consider themselves enemies of Albion. However, they were once allies, and at that time there was some interbreeding between Avalonions and Ogres, resulting in a new breed, now referred to as Half Ogres. These Half Ogres have inherited the brute strength of their Ogre ancestors and the intelligence and curiosity of the Avalonians. They may not react as quickly as the typical Avalonian, and some consider them dimwitted as a result. With very high strength and above average constitution and intelligence, Half Ogres are natural tanks, in many ways similar to trolls in Midgard, but can also make average spellcasters. Their dexterity and quickness statistics, however, are very low.

Hibernia Shar

The Queen of the Shar has approached the Hibernians to offer her creatures in their struggle against Albion and Midgard. However, as the Elves well know, the Shar are inherently evil creatures, and do nothing that is good without ulterior motives. In truth, the Queen of the Shar has plans to help Hibernia defeat their enemies, and then, when they are weak, to turn on them and destroy them utterly. However, as the war is going badly, the Celts have argued that they should accept the assistance of the Shar. None but the Elves really know the Shar, and they are watchful and distrustful, but have agreed to this uneasy alliance. With fairly evenly distributed base statistics and high constitution, the Shar are durable and versatile, although they don't excel in any specific area.

Midgard Frostalf

The origins of the Frostalf date back many generations to the time of the twin Svartalfar princes, Hauk and Enar, who, when their parents both died suddenly, were left to determine who should rule. One, and only one, could rule the kingdom, but they did not know which twin was the firstborn and therefore the rightful ruler. Into this situation came a human stranger. Being unfriendly to strangers, the Svartalfar meant to imprison the traveler. But the stranger suggested that if he could but speak with the princes, he could offer a solution to their dilemma - a trial of combat and magical craftsmanship - in exchange for his freedom.

However, the stranger was treacherous, and sabotaged Enar's artifact during the competition. With further treachery, he carefully laid the blame on Hauk. In the ensuing disruption, Hauk left the kingdom with a few of his followers. The stranger disappeared with the kingdom's treasured artifacts, and Enar became the ruler, but was terribly remorseful at having falsely accused his brother. However, despite Enar's pleas, Hauk decided to remain where he had settled, in Niflheim - a place of darkness, bitter cold and icy fogs and mists. It was the lowest level of the universe.

Generations later, Hauk's descendents came to be known as the Frostalfs, and they were recently discovered by a band of dwarves seeking a way to bolster the forces of Midgard. Realizing that their fate was still bound with that of Midgard, the Frostalfs have agreed to come to the aid of the Realm and fight side by side with Midgard's forces. With naturally high Piety they are especially suitable as Spiritmasters, Runemasters, Healers and Shamans.