Dark Age of Camelot Wiki
What happened to /level?

The /level command was added to the game in patch 1.62 to reward players who have achieved level 50 on their "main" character.

When the servers were brought into the new cluster of Ywain, this feature was disabled and is no longer available on those servers. However, on the Modred and Gaheris servers, the /level command is still quite active and available.

In order to use the command, you will need to be near your class trainer, and type "/level". You will then be able to right-click on your trainer, to receive each level, and assign your points how you wish.

For those of you not on Mordred or Gaheris, dont fear too much. We still have the "Enhanced Leveling System" available on the other servers, that'll help you get along in levels.

You can find more about that system by following these links: Enhanced Leveling System and What is this I hear about a 'Free Level' system?

Do "Free Characters" get money or items?

With the /level command, a system has been added to equip the newly high leveled characters with some base equipment. The following NPCs will be able to assist you in obtaining these items.

Camelot: Hadreth, Assistant Wells, Galaris Pritchard, and Lucia Pritchard.

Tir na Nog: Carraent, Aetheonyc, Rhyryn, Gwucyn, Somyr, and Caryan

Jordheim: Gair and Kelleher

If you feel the /level command should be activated on the Ywain servers as well, we encourage players to submit any feedback they may have on this decision by using the Feedback Form found here: http://camelotherald.com/feedback/index.php