Dark Age of Camelot Wiki
What does Camelot have that other online RPGs don't?

Camelot has an immediately identifiable background that will be familiar to anyone with even the most cursory knowledge of mythical history. The Arthurian legends, the Norse Sagas, and to a lesser extent, Celtic folklore, are all represented in the game. The gods in the game will come from the pages of well-known mythology - gods like Odin and Thor, heroes like Cuchulain, Lancelot, and Galahad will all be part of the game's background.

Camelot also has a built in PvP system, which strongly guides the player into conflict against members of opposing Realms. The PvP system has been strongly thought out and is an integral part of the game itself, unlike the other large commercial online RPGs. Instead of having every player be able to fight any other player, as in Shadowbane, in Camelot, PvP is team based, where you can only fight characters in opposing Realms. This will encourage teamwork and cooperation among the members of a Realm as they must band together to fend off attacks, raids, etc. from the other Realms.

At high levels, where other games tend to grow stale, players in Dark Age of Camelot can participate in PvP struggles, territorial conquest, and protecting their Realm's Relics (objects of power) from enemy invasion, as well as attempting to pilfer enemy Relics themselves.