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What do horses do and how do they work?


In order to alleviate the traveling time problems, we've decided to implement an "alternative mode" of transportation: horses. This is the first implementation of horses; more will come after release. This first step is for ALL level characters to use. It is quite inexpensive.

There is now an extensive network of Stables in each Realm. You can rent a horse to go from one stable to another - and by linking trips together you can now safely and quickly get from one part of a Realm to another. Please note that you cannot control a rented horse; you ride it as it takes you down the roads of its Realm to a predetermined destination. For a list of destinations, see the world notes, below.

To rent a horse, go to a Stable Master, who can be found in logical places near the towns and cities of each Realm. Right click on the Stable Master to bring up a list of destinations that you can rent horses to take you to. For example, the Stable Master in Snowdownia Station will rent you a horse that takes you to the North Gate of Camelot City. Purchase the ticket from the Stable Master, and then drop the ticket on him. Your horse will appear, and you'll be off to your destination and a breakneck pace.

Please note that while you are riding no monsters will aggress on you. You can move the camera around using the normal camera movement keys, but you cannot move your character. You can jump off, if you wish, before you get to your destination by hitting the "jump" key. You'll also notice that your horse will slow down as it approaches and goes through towns; but it will speed up when it is on the open road.

There may be some problems with the horse's paths - please take note of situations where your horse gets "off road" and heads off in a random direction. Please post which path you were on if this happens.

Horse Rental pricing is experimental and may be changed in the future.



Start Point: Nob's Farm in Camelot Hills: Destination: North Camelot Gates

Start Point: North Camelot Gates Destination: Nob's Farm in Camelot Hills

Start: Humberton Destination: Castle Snowdonia

Start: Castle Snowdonia Destination: Humberton

Start: Ludlow Destination: Castle Sauvage

Start: Castle Sauvage Destination: Ludlow or Adribard's Retreat in Avalon Marsh

Start: Gronyr's Farm in Camelot Hills Destination: Campacorentin Station

Start: Camapcorentin Station Destination: Gronyr's Farm in Camelot Hills or East Camelot Gates

Start: East Camelot Gates Destination: Campacorentin Station or Snowdonia Station

Start: Snowdonia Station Destination: East Camelot Gates

Start: Adribard's Retreat (in avalon marsh) Destination: West Downs (in salisbury) or Castle Sauvage

Start: West Downs (in salisbury) Destination: Adribard's Retreat (in avalon marsh)

Start: Cornwall Station Destination: Caer Ulfwych (in camp forest)

Start: Caer Ulfwych (in camp forest) Destination: Cornwall Station

Start: Caer Witrin (in avalon marsh) Destination: Western Cornwall

Start: Western Cornwall Destination: Caer Witrin (in avalon Marsh)

Start: Sauvage Destination: Castle Snowdonia

Start: Castle Snowdonia Destination: Sauvage


Start: Mularn Village Destination: Audliten

Start: Audliten Destination: Mularn Village

Start: Haggerfel Destination: Vasudheim

Start: Vasudheim Destination: Haggerfel or Galplen

Start: Galplen Destination: Ft. Atla or Vasudheim

Start: Ft. Atla Destination: Galplen

Start: Nalliten Destination: Vindsaul Faste (west svealand border keep)

Start: Vindsaul Faste (west svealand border keep) Destination: Nalliten

Start: Huginfel Destination: Svasud Faste (Mularn border keep)

Start: Svasud Faste (Mularn border keep) Destination: Huginfel

Start: Gna Faste (Myrkwood) Destination: Raumarik or Ft. Veldon (Mularn)

Start: Raumarik Destination: Gna Faste (Myrkwood)

Start: Ft. Veldon (Mularn) Destination: Skona

Start: Vindsaul Faste Destination: Svasud Faste

Start:Svasud Faste Destination: Vindsaul Faste


Start: Mag Mell Destination: Howth

Start: Ardee Destination: Farm in Eastern Lough Derg

Start: Tir Urphost (Moher) Destination: Ardagh

Start: Druim Ligen (Connacht border keep) Destination: Connla

Start: Tir na mBeo Destination: Druim Ligen (Connacht border keep)

Start: Ardagh Destination: Connla or Tir Urphost (Moher)

Start: Howth Destination: Innis Carthaig, or Mag Mell

Start: Connla Destination: Druim Ligen (Connacht border keep) or Innis Carthaig

Start: Innis Carthaig Destination: Tir na mBeo

Start: Druim Cain (Bri Leith border keep) Destination: Tir na mBeo or Druim Ligen (Connacht border keep)

Start: Farm in Eastern Lough Derg Destination: Druim Cain (Bri Leith border keep)"