Dark Age of Camelot Wiki
What are the different Realms and how are they in conflict?

The Realms in Dark Age of Camelot are Albion, home of the Britons, the Celtic land of Hibernia, and the Norse Midgard. Players will be able to play characters in each of the Realms - each Realm's characters will specialize in different types of magic, different fighting techniques, and of course each will have geographically typical terrain. Midgard is full of fjords, ice, and pine forests; Albion has gently rolling hills and Roman ruins; and Hibernia is a wild land of deep forests, enchanted hills and magical beasts.

Each Realm is the possessor of a number of ancient magical Relics, which give bonuses to all members of that Realm - when the Relics are safely in their shrine. However, Relics can be stolen away by enemy raiding parties and placed inside one of their keeps, making the raiding party's Realm stronger. When safely placed in a keep, Relics give moderate attack and damage bonuses to fighting races, and magical spellcasting and healing bonuses to spellcasters. A Realm that does not have its Relics fights, however, is at no inherent disadvantage.

Relics must be protected at all costs from theft - this concept forms the core of the PvP conflict in Camelot. Relics come in all shapes and sizes and are based on each Realm's history and legends. Some of the ongoing quests in Camelot will be centered around discovering many lost Relics.