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What are the differences in the types of weapons that I can use?
Weapon skills are utilized differently in all 3 realms. Here is the weapon skill break down:


The base skill types are Slash, Crush, and Thrust used alone or with dual wield they depend on the base skill associated with the damage type. Two-handed weapons and Polearms, there are 3 damage types of two-handed weapons in Albion. Any two-handed weapon / polearm that does slash damage uses the slash skill, thrust damage uses thrust skill, crush damage uses crush skill to tighten the damage range.


The base weapon skills in Midgard cover both the one-handed and two-handed versions of the weapons. They are Axe, Hammer, Sword, Spear. Please note that there is no one handed version for spears. This means that raising your axe skill helps you to be effective with both One-Handed and Two-Handed axes. The same goes for the other weapon skills in this realm.


The base weapon skills in Hibernia are Blade, Pierce, Blunt, Large Weaponry and Celtic Spear. Each of these skills are completely independent of one another and are raised as you would raise any standard weapon skill. i.e. Large weaponry does not use the base skill as it does in Albion to tighten damage, and Celtic spear does not use the pierce skill.