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What are the Races that you can play in Hibernia?

The inhabitants of Hibernia, the island to the west of Albion is a kingdom ruled by the elves. In their conquest, the elves have bred several races to help them with their ongoing struggles with the other Realms. The Hibernians are the strongest magicians of the three Realms, but generally have weaker fighting skills. Almost all their classes have at least some magic casting ability.

Elf A tall thin beautiful humanoid creature, with haunting magical eyes, who specializes in all forms of magical casting.

Celt Standard Celtic human.

Firbolg Creating by breeding humans with giants, the Firbolg are larger than humans, are strong, hardy, and make great fighters.

Lurikeen Small dexterous magical casters, the Lurikeen are similar to the Elves, but are much smaller and more hardy.

Sylvan (Shrouded Isles-only race) Dryad-type creatures faintly resembling the trees in which they dwell. They are part of the natural fabric of HyBrasil.

Shar (Trials of Atlantis-only race) Durable and versatile, these subterranean creatures are inherently evil.