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What are the Races that you can play in Albion?

Albion is the realm of the Humans, and as such, there are a wide range of classes that each race can play. They have a good solid mix of fighters, clerics, and magic casters.

Briton Common man of Albion

Highlander Big and strong, hailing from the mountains of Wales and Scotland

Avalonian Tall, thin, and intelligent, Avalonians come from the mystical city of Avalon

Saracen Descendents of Palomides, a Saracen Knight, are dusky-colored peoples from the deserts.

Inconnu (Shrouded Isles-only race) Small, pale humanoids - whitish skin, pale hair and extremely dark eyes. They live underground and exist to serve Arawn, the "old world" Lord of the Underworld.

Half-Ogre (Trials of Atlantis-only race) A half-ogre, half-Avalonian with great physical strength and average intelligence.