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What are each of the Master level tracks?

The Banelord uses his ancient Atlantean teachings to both weaken the physical and mental properties of his opponents as well as aid his allies by guiding their blows. His is the art of diminishment. Some of his abilities include those that will drain power, endurance or health from his enemies. He can also slow his foes movement on the battlefield. Conversely, he also guides his allies in their strikes upon the enemy improving their aim and their effectiveness.

The Warlord has mastered the Atlantean arts of battle leadership and tactics. His abilities reach out to aid his allies in the grand scheme of their war. He can bolster the healing; power and endurance of those under his protection. His presence on the battlefield can cause his nemies to be demoralized such that they will be less able to strike upon his vassals.

The Battlemaster lives in the thick of battle. He uses his Atlantean teachings to guard and protect his allies on the field. His skills enable his allies to avoid blows; strike harder; and endure the rigors of battle easier. In extreme situations, he can even prevent blows landing on his protected charge till he falls.

The Convoker is a student of the ancient Atlantean artificers. He uses his gifts to conjure both items and creatures to aid him in his battles. He can create items that will aid in sieges by helping his allies or damaging his foes. The pets can aid him and his allies both with intelligence and a strong arm for battle.

The Perfecter uses the tomes of Atlantean healers long gone to improve his allies' abilities and his medicinal arts. The power of his healing and curative magic is increased and expanded. He has learned how to improve his comrades abilities and natures. Finally, he can reduce the enemies'effectiveness by dampening their magic.

The Sojourner uses his gifts to better aid his allies in their travels. His arts allow him to move himself and others great distances and to clear the path from enemy obstructions. He has learned to travel both upon the land and in the water with grace and ease.

The Stormlord brings forth the fury of the tempest upon his enemies. His Atlantean learned arts allow him to bring forth storms that diminish and damage his enemies in various areas of the battlefield. He can also use these gifts to control the storms of his opponents thereby diminishing their effect.

The Spymaster emulates the great Atlantean spy lords by sowing confusion and misdirection upon his foes. He can obscure the minds of his enemies to make himself and his companions appear not as what they really are. He can lay traps that will damage his foes and also sabotage their fortifications and siege engines.