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West Svealand map
Realm: Midgard
Expansion: Classic
Dungeons:Abandoned Mines

West Svealand is an area for adventurers 10 to 20. The town of Huginfel is your only refuge here from the Blodfelag and the other monsters that roam the land. At the far north of the area, you will find Vindsaul Faste, which is a gateway to the Frontiers.

Adjacent Zones


Svealand was the original Sweden, to which it gave its name. This is supported by linguistics and is based on early medieval sources, such as the sagas. In Old Norse and in Old English, Svealand and Sweden are synonymous, and described as a separate country from Götaland/Gautland/Geatland.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Svealand