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Quest Start: Elizabeth
Quest Finish: Elizabeth

Quest Text[]


Travel to the island. Gather four fallen soldier's weapons from the island (this can be done by right-clicking weapons seen laying on the ground around the broken tower) and give them to Elizabeth the blacksmith.


If you're going to be heading out onto the island to fight the enemy, could you bring back any weapons you find lying about? even if they are broken they can be reforged and used again you know. It's not being disrespectful, the soldiers who owned the weapons before won't be needing them anymore after all.

Much appreciated, *class*. I will be sure to get these reforged as soon as possible for our soldiers.


  • Sound's Chain Sleeves of Might (optional)
  • Sound's Studded Sleeves of Power (optional)
  • Sound's Leather Sleeves of Skill (optional)
  • Sound's Cloth Sleeves of Grace (optional)
  • 993 experience
  • 2 silver 48 copper