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Varulvhamn map
Realm: Midgard
Expansion: Classic


Varulvhamn is the underground lair of the werewolves. Host to young and old alike, these caves serve as a meeting place for the werewolf nobles. Despite some open-minded elders, known as the Wolfaur, adventurers who intrude upon their lair should expect a fierce, frantic, and furry greeting.


Varulvhamn is an underground lair where some werewolves take up resident.

Most of the werewolves that live here tend to be less militant than those in Skona, though not necessarily less aggressive towards humankind.

Two types of werewolves live here, the "common" werewolves and the wolfaur. Wolfaurs and werewolves differ slightly.

Wolfaurs tends to be older-generation werewolves and as such, are almost "natural" in their forms. Because of this, they are further removed from their ancestral savagery than normal, "younger-generation" werewolves.

The majority of their society (with the exception of those who are in positions that require aggression, such as wolfaur headsmen) tends to be less aggressive than their werewolf counterparts.

Much to the annoyance of the werewolves, the wolfaurs tend to be more philosophical, open-minded, and even willing to accept their human Nordic neighbors.

While the wolfaur are not openly aggressive toward humans and their companions, they will defend their kindred if needed.

Local werewolf nobles also tend to gather in Varulvhamn to discuss matters of politics.

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