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The Vampiir class is a fighter who wields a one-handed piercing weapon in its right hand. While in melee combat, it is able to cast Vampiir magic with the left hand. The class does not have a normal power pool, however. It will gain power from a variety of attacks - primarily melee strikes. The class receives Safefall and Climb Walls, as well as a passive form of health regeneration. Vampiiric magic comes in three categories or spell lines: "Self Enhancement" spells such as parry, evade, run speed, magic and melee absorption bonuses; "Offensive Damage" spells such as Flame Strikes and a special ability to turn the left hand into a powerful claw for further melee attacks, and "Utility" spells such as a single target mez, snare, Lull Enemies, and effectiveness debuffs.
See also: The History of the Vampiir and Bainshee

Attributes & Races[]

Celt 60 + 45 60 + 23 60 + 15 60606060602% Crush3% Slash5% Spirit
Lurikeen 40 + 45 40 + 23 80 + 15 80606060605% Crush5% Energy
Shar 80 + 45 60 + 23 50 + 15 50606060605% Crush5% Energy

Abilities & Specialization[]

409s Sprint
Abilitys Tireless (15)


Shadow Mastery
Vampiiric Embrace

104s Cloth
105s Leather

205s Piercing

Master Levels
2660s Banelord
2706s Warlord

Sub Classes
0s Forester
0s Magician
0s Naturalist
0s Stalker

496s Alchemy
498s Armorcraft
485s Basic Crafting
489s Fletching
488s Spellcrafting
492s Tailoring
499s Weaponcraft
497s Siegecraft




Klocked's Solo Vampiir Guide

I’ve been asked a lot over the past couple months for help when it comes to the vampiir class. So I thought it would be easiest if I wrote out a small but useful DAOC vampiir guide. This is just a breakdown of the class, some weaknesses and tips and tricks that you can use to be more successful.

So let’s begin.

The Vampiir class wields a one-handed piercing weapon in its right hand. While in combat, it’s able to cast “Vampiir magic” with the left hand. The class does not have a normal power pool and will only gain power from successfully attacking an opponent. Vampiir’s do have the ability to passively regenerate power but only up to 10% of their power pool. This allows a Vampiir to enter fights with at least 1 defensive or offensive buff up. The class receives Safe fall and the ability to climb walls.

Let’s talk a little bit about what race’s are available to you as a Vampiir and I’ll give you my own opinion on why I think 1 race out of all of them is the most effective. 

Lurikeen: Starting Stats
STR 40 
CON 40 
DEX 80 
QUI 80

Shar: Starting Stats
STR 60 
CON 80 
DEX 50 
QUI 50

Celt: Starting Stats
STR 60 
CON 60 
DEX 60 
QUI 60

First and foremost all 3 race’s that can become a Vampiir will make a well rounded character. Celts being more middle of the road, will have well rounded stats at level 50, Shar’s with their high con will have very high Hit points (3k Range) at level 50, and Lurikeen’s having high dex will have exceptionally high DEX at level 50. So it’s really up to you.

My Opinion? Make a Lurikeen vampiir. The extra dex will allow you to hit the 374 DEX casting break with aug dex 6 (+28dex) with 15 at creation and 101dex in your template. The faster you can pump out the DPS with claw and put up your buffs will allow you to be defensive and offensive with greater efficiency than the other two race combinations. Now does my opinion really matter? No, and if you’ve already been playing a celt or shar vampiir go ahead and stick with it. But if you’re starting out fresh I would put the Lurikeen vampiir at a higher advantage than the other 2 classes.

Now as far as where to put your points at creation, that’s really up to you =) Play around with it and see how your current template + starting creation points make your character better overall. But if you’re a lurikeen vampiir I would suggest +15 Dex and +10 Str. That way you can hit the 374 casting speed dex break and have that incrementally higher claw damage. Also when you’re playing around with your creation points and trying to figure out where to put them, it’s important to know that empathy, piety, intelligence, and charisma are utterly useless to the vampiir class and don’t benefit you in any way.

Lets break down the most common spells you’re going to be using, what they do and when and who to use them on. I’m not going to go over all the spells that are available to the vampiir class; but those that you will come across the most often.

Ill list the level 1 spell to each of these so that you can easily find them in your main spec lines.

Main Spec Line: Dementia

Spell Name: Hinder senses.
How does it work? - This spell is an “effectiveness debuff” and it works as a pulse. This is a single target spell, and if you cast anything while this is pulsing on your target the pulse will break.
What does it do? – This spell effectively makes your target “res-sick”. So everything that your target does while this pulse is on them is less effective. For example If you cast the lvl 39 “banish senses” that has a 39% effectiveness debuff on a warlock, that warlock will do 39% less damage with their spells to you. If you get stunned by a shield tank, the stun will last 39% less. So a 9 second stun just became a 5.49 second stun.
Tips: Cast this spell last! Because this spell is a pulse, and has to be “maintained” on your target to be effective it will cancel if you cast anything else. Then you will be waiting for its timer to come up and won’t have it when you need it. This spell should be used on MOC casters, warlocks especially, any class that can slam you. It lessens the DMG your opponent does, lessens stun times and should be on every vampiir’s Qbar.

Spell Name: Impress Dread
How does it work? – This spell is a single target debuff.
What does it do? – This spell removes the +Skills your opponent has from both weapon lines and spell lines. It is also a weapon skill debuff! Because you’re removing +skills from your opponent you are also lowing their weapon skill as if they never templated in any +skills or had any RR.
Tips: Use this on every melee class! Especially those that composite spec! For example if you use this on an rr11 assassin who’s specced 30+21 weapon that +21 from template and realm rank goes away and they are left sitting at only 30 weapon spec, along with the associated weapon skill of someone with only 30 weapon spec! This devastates any composite spec class, but its effective vs. any melee class, and should be used on every melee class.

Spell Name: Wither Defense
How does it work? – This is a single target armor debuff!
What does it do? - It will randomly debuff the AF(armor factor) and the ABS of 1 piece of armor. Yes you read that correctly AF & ABS! Depending on the level of the spell it will debuff 5-30 ABS and 10-50 AF off a random piece of armor.
Tips: Go ahead and spam this after your other spells are up, and you have some spare power! This spell costs very little power, and will increase your damage greatly vs. classes like pally’s and armsmen who are wearing plate. But across the board your DPS will increase when you’re hitting that piece of armor you debuffed. Because it debuffs random armor pieces you may need to cast it a few times to debuff everything, but once you do; almost every hit will be hitting a debuffed piece of armor and you will notice the DPS increase. Also did you know you can target exactly the piece of armor that you debuffed? Yes you can! Vamps have in their pierce spec line specific styles like “head shot – lvl 11”, “Torso Shot – lvl 12”, “Leg shot – lvl 13.” So let’s say you are in a long fight with a armsman and he’s spending most of his time behind a shield, you can cast this spell and randomly debuff just 1 piece of his armor and then use the corresponding style that you have as a vamp in your pierce line to target JUST that piece of armor. So if his chest piece gets debuffed, just attack him with “Torso Shot – lvl 12”. Also you will know what piece of armor you debuffed because it will have green, glowing “goo” on it that’s very visible to you.

Spell Name: Resist Magic
How does it work? – This is a tier 2 magic resist buff that works only for you. Let's say you are hit for 200 damage unmodified. And let's assume you have 35% resists from items and CL’s and 26% from this buff. The game first applies the first 35% resists. So 200 damage becomes 130. Then 130 is again applied to the second 26% tier 2 resists. For a total of 96.2 DPS.
What does it do? – It buffs your tier 2 magic resists!
Tips: Use this early and use this often! Especially vs. assassin’s with poisons. These magic resists along with the hinder senses pulse spell that we discussed above will do wonders vs. a class like a warlock, or an assassin with high viper. This spell is on the same timer as the melee resist buffs spell so be careful to judge what you are going up against before you toss up your resists. When fighting a class like a reaver this should be one of your 1st 2 spells you put up after fumble. Also because this is a tier 2 resist buff, it stacks on top of any A.O.M (Avoidance of Magic) you might have.

Spell Name: Hardened Skin
How does it work? – This is a tier 1 melee resist buff that works for only you.
What does it do? – Increases your physical resists by the listed amount of the spell. Helps negate all forms of physical melee damage.
Tips: Just like we discussed in the previous spell “Resist magic” this spell is on the same timer. Really judge your situation and determine if this would be more effective to have up, or the magic resist buff. When fighting a class with no offensive magic abilities and that doesn’t have a legendary weapon out it would be a good indication that you should put up this spell 1st instead of your magic resist buff.

Spell Name: Self Destruction
How does it work? – This is a single target debuff
What does it do? – This spell rips a random buff off of your target, either a conc. Spell, proc or charge.
Tips: The only way you will get this spell is if you are 45+ dementia spec. Personally I would advise that this spell be used second to last in your line up just before you use your “effectiveness debuff”. Keep an eye on this buff shear as the more you use it the more effective your going to be fighting your opponent, and the quicker you use it the quicker it will come up again. This spell is a staple of Dementia specced Vampiirs, and will easily win you long fights vs. heavily defensive classes such as armsmen, and warriors or anything that is superiorly defensive.
Main Spec Line: Vampiiric Embrace

Spell Name: Vampiiric Awareness
How does it work? – This is a self buff, stealth lore that only works for you.
What does it do? - It helps you see people that are stealthed at a greater distance.
Tips: Keep this buff up all the time you are not in combat. Looking for stealthers and actively hunting them is good rps.

Spell Name: Call of the raven
How does it work? – This is a single target spell
What does it do? – It’s a debuff that increases the chance of your target to fumble their attack and not hit you.
Tips: This is a staple of your spell lineup. Every melee class should be fumbled and fumbled often. This is often one of the 1st couple spells you will cast on a target because if it’s purged you want your timer to reset as fast as possible, so you can re-fumble your target. One trick you should know about this spell is that its duration is effected by your opponents body resists. Knowing this can save you, because you will be able to accurately judge when the spell has expired on your target without watching your combat window. Classes like armsmen, hero’s, and warriors with passive resists along with spells like Fury can cut the fumble duration by half! Knowing this will help you gauge when to use other spells, kite your opponent or prepare for a slam from their shield. Also be aware that this spell is easily resisted, so be ready at all times to switch up your game plan in-case your fumble is resisted and you need to kite away to buy yourself some time before your timer resets again. It would be wise to engage some situations with charge and even wiser to save your charge for later on in the fight when you might need to slip away for a moment to reset your offensive debuffs like “call of the raven”.

Spell Name: Minor Force
How does it work? – This is a self buff that increases your weapon skill.
What does it do? – This buff increases your weapon skill by a specific %.
Tips: Always have this buff up. Along with your Stealth lore buff “Vampiiric awareness”. As a vamp with your passive 10% power regeneration you can have both of these buffs up 100% of the time with no down time. This weapon skill buff will help you get past your targets defenses, and increase your damage. Also because evade on stealthers is a non-specable defensive trait of the class, your weapon skill will be factored into the evade rate of the stealther you’re fighting. So vs. all stealthers having this weapon skill buff up from the beginning of the fight is a must. It will help you pass defenses like evade from stealthers more easily and help you to a small degree vs. classes with specable defenses like parry and shield, as your weapon skill is calculated vs. your opponents when determining evade, block and parry rates.

Spell Name: Shadows reflex
How does it work? – This is a self evade buff.
What does it do? – Increases your evade by a set %.
Tips: Keep this buff up if you want to live! =) It gives your vampiir evade at a set % that isn’t effected by your opponents weapon skill, and can’t be cut in half by duel wield mechanics.

Spell Name: Vampiir’s Heat
How does it work? – This is a single target, castable spell that does heat damage.
What does it do? – This spell has a range of 1500, interrupts and damages your target.
Tips: Use this spell! It’s great for interrupting archers after zephyr, casters, and just about anything that can do damage from range. Also you can’t be interrupted while casting this spell, so use it wisely.

Main Spec Line: Shadow Mastery

Spell Name: Voice of Shock

How does it work? – This is a pulse, single target spell. If you cast anything while this is pulsing on your target the pulse will break.
What does it do? – This spell is a single target snare.
Tips: Most don’t spec high enough in the shadow mastery spell line to get the benefit of this spell. But if you do, this spell is great for peeling people off casters in groups, people that try abuse swimming backwards + sprinting in water and just about any situation where you need to keep someone locked down. I’ve found that speed classes that love to kite, have huge problems when this spell is in the mix on a vamp. This is a really powerful spell, and extremely useful. If you do happen to spec 30+ in the shadow mastery line, make sure this is on your Qbar.

Spell Name: Vampiir’s Sprint
How does it work? – This is a self buff
What does it do? – This spell increases your movement speed
Tips: With almost every vampiir spec you will have at least some shadow mastery. With that said don’t leave this spell off of your Qbars. It’s got a very quick cast time, very low power cost and it will just improve your overall ability to chase down enemies, move around the frontiers and escape your enemies. Also because it has such a quick cast time, it’s much faster to put up then using a bounty point speed pot when your target is trying to kite you or flee from you. 

Spell Name: Dulling Embrace
How does it work? – This is a single target spell
What does it do? – This spell drains endurance from your opponent by a listed % and transfers it to you.
Tips: This spell scales nicely, and even the lower level spells in this spell line can be extremely effective at helping you pick apart your opponent. Shield tanks trying to slam you through fumble and your other defenses will naturally lose endurance pretty quick. But with this spell you can easily put someone at 0 endurance very quickly and limit their ability to perform styled attacks. Essentially this spell once used a few times on your target will help you mitigate their damage to you, because if they can’t perform styled attacks on you, their DPS will naturally just be less. The other great thing about this spell is that it costs very little power, so you don’t have to worry about killing your power pool that you will need for other buffs when you’re using this spell. It fits nicely into any spell rotation. The best part of all though, is the fact that it doesn’t just remove endurance from your target, it transfers it to you. This is great in a pinch, especially if you proc a couple omni proc’s on your opponents armor and are low on endurance yourself. Keep this spell handy, it will help you and you will use it!

Spell Name: Resist Attack
How does it work? – This is a self parry buff.
What does it do? – Increases your parry by a set %.
Tips: Keep this buff up if you want to live! =) It gives your vampiir parry at a set % that isn’t effected by your opponents weapon skill, and it stacks with your other defensive evade buff.

Spell Name: Recuperation
How does it work? – This is a self buff, castable in combat.
What does it do? – This is a H.O.T. (Heal over time) spell. 
Tips: This spell has a 15 second duration and a 15 second recast timer. So that means that you can have this spell up all the time! As long as you have power, you can keep this spell going and even the lower level spells in this spell line can be extremely effective at keeping you alive during combat (or out of combat).

Spell Name: Darkened Swiftness
How does it work? – This is a self buff, castable in combat.
What does it do? – This is a haste buff! This will increase your attack speed by a listed %
Tips: This spell co-exists with celerity and conc. haste. Interestingly enough, this spell seems to stack with conc. haste and celerity. I don’t think this is working as intended but casting even a low level spell in this spell line seems to increase my attack speed. Test it out for yourself.

The last spell I want to talk about is the dreaded “Claw”. Each main spec line has a claw, and each one does a different type of damage. Each claw spell in every main spec line actually has the word “Claw” in its name so this spell is easy to find. Let’s brake down the different types of damage for each of the 3 claw spells.

-Vampiiric Embrace: Matter Damage
-Shadow Mastery: Heat Damage
-Dementia: Cold Damage

Of all the 3 different claw’s, only shadow mastery’s heat claw is un-resistible. Dementia and Vampiiric Embrace claws can be resisted. Because of this I would recommend that if you are leveling up a vampiir that you do so while heavily specced into Shadow Mastery. The un-resistible claw will make it easier for you to kill mobs and the H.O.T along with the endurance drain spell will make you a PvE killing machine.

As far as when to use the claw, that’s really up to you, it’s all situational to whom you’re fighting. My best advice would be this though, if you have your essential buffs up (essential to whatever you’re fighting) and you aren’t fighting an uphill battle vs. a class with insane defense; go ahead and claw away. But if you’re in a fight vs. a class that has the defense to prevent you from reliably getting more power, conserve your power for your essential buffs and play a game of attrition. Vamps are very good at winning a game of attrition vs. just about every class in this game.

That’s a breakdown of the most common spells you will be using as a Vampiir. But let’s talk about Vampiir’s “innate buffs”. One of the greatest things about this class is that from level 6 to level 50 the Vampiir gains "innate buffs" these are buffs that are always active and can’t be removed from your character. You also don’t need to spec in or cast these buffs on yourself, they are always active. The Vampiir's innate stats are:
+3STR – CON - DEX +2QUI per level, at level 50 this will give you +135 STR – CON - DEX +90QUI
The “innate buffs” are equal to that of yellow buffs that other DaoC classes receive as they progress to level 50. Although you can’t receive any buffs from a druid or bard that would increase your STR – CON – DEX – QUI you can be buffed with AF (Armor Factor), haste, damage adds, damage shields, celerity, ablatives, H.O.Ts, and any defensive or offensive proc’s.

Vampiir’s get additional abilities that are usually reserved for another class of characters, the assassins from all 3 realms. Vampiir's get several abilities that are often restricted to assassins, these include safe fall and climb walls. We do not have to spec for these abilities as you gain them freely. 
At levels 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 we gain a new version of safe fall. At level 50 we get safe fall 5, which is higher than most assassins will ever spec to. At level 25 we gain climb walls, this ability is versatile, useful and really makes Vampiir’s stand out in groups or solo.

Let’s talk a little bit about spec’s. Let me list out for you a couple spec’s that people over the last few years have found to be effective and I will give you my input on what I think the most effective spec is and why.

Tri spec:

34 Peirce
33 dementia
41 Vampiiric Embrace
20 shadow mastery

Dementia Spec:

34 Peirce
33 Vampiric Embrace
45 Dementia
8 Shadow Mastery

Stun Spec:

44 Peirce
9 Shadow Master
41 Vampiiric Embrace
25 Dementia

Shadow Mastery Spec #1:

34 Peirce
44 Shadow Mastery
33 Vampirric Embrace
11 Dementia

Shadow Mastery Spec #2:

34 Peirce
49 Shadow Mastery
28 Vampiiric Embrace or Dementia

Shadow Mastery Spec #3:

34 Pierce
40 Shadow Mastery
28 Vampiiric Embrace
28 Dementia

Vampiriic Embrace Spec #1:

34 Peirce
12 Shadow Mastery
50 Vampiiric Embrace
23 Dementia

Vampiiric Embrace Spec #2:

34 Peirce
48 Vampiiric Embrace
29 Dementia
6 Shadow Mastery

Vampiiric Embrace Spec #3 (My spec):

34 Peirce
48 Vampiiric Embrace
25 Dementia
15 Shadow Mastery

Personally I’ve found that that cookie cutter dementia spec of 34 peirce, 45 Dementia, 33 Vampiiric Embrace, and 8 Shadow Mastery to be most effective in 8 man setups. The added benefit’s of higher resists gives you better survivability vs. casters and melee characters allowing you to not be a burden on your healers. It also gives you some unique spells that give you versatility in groups that they would otherwise be absent from. But with that said, that spec is highly effective vs. high defense classes as your maintained pulse “effectiveness debuff”, buff shear, and +Skills debuff works wonders for lowering defenses and whittling away at your opponent. 

But with all that, I still feel that my spec is the most effective vs. the widest range of classes and has the most utility to win fights. 34 Pierce, 48 Vampiiric Embrace, 25 Dementia and 15 Shadow Mastery. This spec give’s you great offense with Vampiiric Embrace, decent defenses with dementia resists and utility with the Shadow Mastery spells like the H.O.T, and endurance drain.

At the end of the day it’s really all up to you with out how want to spec, your play style and what you think will be most effective vs. the widest range of classes you come in contact with the most often. Test some spec’s out and see what you like best.

Let’s move on to Realm abilities and Realm ability progression. Ill list out the RA’s I think will be most effective at specific Realm ranks, and give you some insight into why I think some Realm abilities at certain realm ranks are most effective. Let me also preface this by saying these RA’s and this RA progression is for the “solo” vamp, and really isn’t intended for group play where more defensive passive RA’s might be more beneficial.

Charge 3
Long Wing 1
Put the remaining 4 RSP’s (Realm skill points) into whatever you choose, it won’t really matter.

Charge 4
Long wind 1
IP 1
Put the remaining 2 RSP’s into whatever you choose, it won’t really matter.

Charge 5
Long wind 1
IP 1
Put the remaining 4 RSP’s into whatever you choose, it won’t really matter.

Charge 5
Long wind 1
Put the remaining 4 RSP’s into whatever you choose, it won’t really matter.

RR7 (This is where we switch things up a bit)
Charge 5
Long wind 1
IP 1
Reflex attack 4 (40%) <- You’re probably wondering why, I’ll explain later in greater detail why this RA is a must have.
Put the 2 remaining RSP’s into whatever you choose, it won’t really matter.

Charge 5
Long wind 1
IP 3
Reflex Attack 4 (40%)
Put the remaining 2 RSP’s into whatever you choose, it won’t really matter.

RR9 (If you’re a Lurikeen Vampiir)
Charge 5
Long wind 1
Aug Dex 6 (+28 dex) This will allow you to hit 374 dex with 101 in template and +15 at creation for the 374 casting break on 3.0 speed spells, I.E. Your CLAW if you’re a lurikeen Vampiir.
Reflex Attack 4 (40%)
IP 2
Put the remaining 2 RSP’s into whatever you choose, it won’t really matter.

If you are not a Lurikeen vampiir (Celt or Shar) go with this RA spec instead:

RR9 (If you’re not a Lurikeen Vampiir)
Charge 5
IP 2
Long wind 1
Reflex Attack 4 (40%)
Wrath of Champions 3 (500 DMG)
Put the remaining 2 RSP’s in whatever you choose, it won’t really matter.
RR10 (Lurikeen Vampiir)
Charge 5
Aug Dex 6 (+28 Dex)
IP 2
Reflex Attack 5 (50%)
Long Wind 1
Put the remaining 4 RSP’s into whatever you choose, it won’t really matter.

RR10 (Celt or Shar)
Charge 5
Long Wind 1
IP 2
Reflex Attack 5 (50%)
Wrath of Champions 3 (500 DMG)
Put the remaining 4 RSP’s into whatever you choose, it won’t really matter.

RR11 (Lurikeen Vampiir)
Aug Dex 6 (+28 Dex)
Long Wind 1
Charge 5
Reflex Attack 4 (40%)
Wrath of Champions 4 (625 DMG) 
No RSP’s left over….

RR11 (Celt or Shar)
Long Wind 1
Mastery of Pain 6 (22%)
Charge 5
Reflex Attack 4 (40%)
Wrath of Champions 3 (500 DMG)
Put the remaining 2 RSP’s into whatever you want, it won’t really matter.

Now as far as reflex attack and why this secret little realm ability which is widely unused by Vampiir’s is probably the most effective, and over all best realm ability a Vampiir can have. The way this realm ability works is that it fires off an un-styled attack whenever you are attacked by your enemy. This Realm ability progresses at 10%, 20%, 30%, 40% and 50%. That means that at Reflex attack 5 you have a 50% chance to fire off an un-styled swing 50% of the time, every time your opponents weapons hit you. Now why is this Realm ability advantageous for the Vampiir class? Think of it this way, you basically get to turn your little Vampiir into a Duel wield class vs. 1-hand users, and a triple wield class vs. Duel wield classes, and if you combine your claw damage on top of that you become at best a quad damaging class vs. Duel wield enemies if each of their weapons hit you, you have a 50% chance (with reflex attack 5) to hit them back. Now of that wasn’t enough to sell you on this amazing realm ability already with the potential DPS advantages you will have, check this out. You get power each time your weapon fire’s and hits your opponent with this realm ability! So as a vampiir, you will have a much greater chance to gain power than if you didn’t have this ability, so more CLAW! =). But wait there’s more! This ability has the chance to fire from 360 degree’s! So enemies attacking you from the side or from behind you will also get hit and give you not only power, but damage themselves as well.
So that’s my spiel on realm abilities and realm ability progression. Use it or lose it.

Last but not least, and I will make this quick let’s talk about ML path’s.

First Vampiir’s have access to either Warlord or Banelord ML lines. Each has its own advantages but in my opinion Warlord is the superior ML choice for the solo vampiir. I won’t break down each ML path and ability but I am going to tell you of the 3 in the warlord ML line that will benefit you the most when soloing, and give you the best advantage.

For solo Vampiirs I would highly suggest the Warlord ML path. Here are a couple reasons why.

1) Bolstering Battlecry – This spell heals you for 10% of your total HP’s, so this combined with IP 1 or IP 2 makes your total HP gain that of 1 level higher IP when combined with a heal pot. This is why my previous RA suggestions stick to either IP 1, 2 or 3 and never higher. Because this spell combined with let’s say IP 1 is the same as IP 2.

2) Cleansing Aura – This spell reduces that damage done by D.O.T’s (damage over time spells) if it lowers the damage to 0 it will remove the spell or poison from you all together. Because the solo vampiir will derive a lot of their RP’s hunting for assassins this spell is a must have for the solo vampiir. It will help remove poisons and save you from needlessly blowing RA’s like IP to save yourself in 1v1 or 1vX situations.

3) Warguard – This spell is pretty well known, it reduces all melee damage by 25% and combined with your other buffs makes your vampiir a tough cookie for pretty much all situations you will encounter as a solo vampiir.

That’s pretty much it for ML’s for the solo vamp. Yes there are more spells in the Warlord ML path, but these are your bread and butter ML spells for the warlord vampiir. I might add an addition to this guide later on and talk a little bit about banelord but for right now, I honestly don’t feel banelord has any advantages over warlord ML path, and I don’t see that changing in the near future.

Now let’s move on to weapons and bugging out your champion weapon to get perma 5% melee resists.

1st bugging out your champion weapon – Equip whatever weapon you want to use in your 1-hand slot, have your shield in your off-hand slot and put your champion weapon in your 2-hand slot. Then pick up your champion weapon out of your 2-hand slot and drop it into your 1-hand slot. Your Champion weapon will now be in your 1-hand slot and the weapon you want to use will be automatically placed in your 2-hand slot where your champion weapon was previously. Now pick up your champion weapon again out of your 1-hand slot and drop it back in your 2-hand slot. Now the weapon you want to use will be in your 1-hand slot and it will be equipped for use, and your champion weapon will be in your 2-hand slot and inactive. You will retain your 5% melee resists from your champion weapon as if you had it still equipped.

Now onto your weapons. There are only really 3 weapons that a vampiir needs for RvR, possibly 4 but ill get into that later on.

1st weapon – Legendary weapon.
2nd weapon – Soul Glimmer
3rd weapon – Croc-Tooth Dagger

Now the only other weapon that a Vampiir might use is spear of kings. I don’t add this into the essential 3 weapons that a vampiir needs because the primary reason people like this weapon is because of the damage absorption proc on the weapon. But because the proc is infrequent, and unreliable for short and fast fights, and not the best weapon for longer drawn out fights, I do not consider this to be an essential weapon for a vampiir as the other 3 I have listed are far better at killing, and keeping you alive then spear of kings.

So why the legendary weapon? Vampiirs are unique in the respect that they can debuff their own claw damage on their opponent with a legendary weapon. So regardless if you are high Shadow Mastery (heat damage), Dementia (cold damage) or Vampiiric Embrace (matter damage) there is a legendary weapon for each of these 3 damage types that will help you increase your damage.

So why Soul Glimmer? This should be pretty obvious but if not I will tell you anyways. The soul glimmer weapon has a very nice omni proc on it that will help you get power reliably and quickly. The proc from this weapon is great in a pinch and has saved me many times when I am struggling to get power from highly defensive classes like reavers, armsmen, warriors ect.

So why Croc-tooth-dagger? This is a great weapon for a vampiir. First and foremost this weapon should be used exclusively on shield classes that are hard to land attacks past their defenses. You’re probably asking yourself why is it? Well it has to do with the proc associated on the weapon. It has a DEX/QUI debuff that debuffs your target for -40dex and -40qui. It then transfers that Dex and qui to you. So vs. shield classes this is a great way to drop your opponent’s defenses, increase your own weapon skill, and get past their shield + parry reliably. Not to mention that when you get the dex and qui transferred to your vampiir you will also gain the benefit of faster casting times for your spells.

So what weapons should you use on whom? Anything that isn’t a tank (armsmen, and warrior) Use your legendary weapon. If you’re fighting anything that has a shield out, and is obviously specced for high defense bring out the croc-tooth-dagger and debuff their dex + qui and then move onto the soul glimmer to give yourself that extra bit of power from the soul glimmer proc. This will help you keep your buffs up, or claw them down if necessary.

Anyways that’s it, that’s my guide for you. Take what information you can, apply it where you can and have fun. Ill add more to this later on, but this is for you fresh little vamps running around.


Realm Abilities[]

Symbol vote yes2 Primary Realm Abilities Symbol vote yes2 Neutral Secondary Realm Abilities Neutral Symbol vote no2 Useless Realm Abilities Symbol vote no2

Ras Augmented Constitution
Ras Augmented Dexterity
Ras Augmented Quickness
Ras Augmented Strength
Ras Avoidance of Magic
Ras Long Wind
Ras Mastery of Pain
Ras Toughness

Ras Ethereal Bond
Ras Lifter
Ras Veil Recovery

3034s Charge
3010s Purge

3000s First Aid
3003s Ignore Pain
3036s Strike Prediction
3007s The Empty Mind
3023s Wrath of Champions

3002s Second Wind

Realm Rank 5 Ability[]

Name Mark of Prey
Reuse 10 minutes
Effect Grants all members of the Vampiir's group a 30 second damage add that stacks with all other forms of damage add. All damage done via the damage add will be returned to the Vampiir as power.

Useful Artifacts[]


Other Useful Items[]