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Lakobaath Lakobaath 19 June 2011

Contact Information

If you need to contact me in anyway...

Yahoo Messenger: proxen2003

or on IRC and join channel #Ywain

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Lakobaath Lakobaath 18 June 2011

Just a little bit about me.

Hi, my name is Scott. I have been playing Dark Age of Camelot for the past 8 years, off and on. I live in Ohio, so there really isn't much to do around my area. I am a hightech junkie. I have my A+ Certification and a few Microsoft certifications, nothing to brag about really. But, I enjoy computers and enjoy Dark Age of Camelot in my time that I get. Since, I currently do not have a job, I thus am able to play Dark Age of Camelot pretty heavily. I have 2 brothers and my parents are divorced. Been a rough childhood to say the least, but, I won't get into that far with my life, because, you probably don't care. I've tried other MMO's out there, but, none have ever came close to my likeness of Dark Age of Camelot. DAoC has always been a part…

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