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DAoC and Morrowind (Elder Scrolls) use the same engine. There was nothing to do after Vampire: the Masquerade - Redemption died and until Morrowind, so I did DAoC. It is the best earliest collection of effects and abilities out there. Taught me everything I know about them, which I wrote down in the Anarchy Online wiki nano article. It is also the worst game at balancing them into classes. It was a valiant attempt, trying to make every class into a different configuration of effects and abilities, but it seems there was zero effort put into balancing them; each class has anything from the most powerful to the least powerful effects.

This was obvious at launch, but nothing was done about it. What could possibly have possessed devs to create Stungard? Stun (Stop in Final Fantasy) is the most powerful effect outside of Dungeon and Dragons' / V:tM-R's Fear, which not only renders the victim helpless but also makes them run away. Making it castable over and over, for a significantly longer period than the time it took to cast it, made entire armies helpless before a tenth as many enemies. This has to be the biggest blunder in the whole of video games. And that is only one example.


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