Dark Age of Camelot Wiki

The forces of the Unseelie have remained dormant for far too long in Hibernia, at least that is exactly what they would have the people of the realm believe. In truth, the Unseelie have always used a vast network of spies to keep abreast of the latest news and activities within Hibernia's courts and centers of power. With this knowledge, they have set all of their enemies, including Midgard and Albion, against each other. This has aided them in solidifying their own power base, so that when they are ready, they can put their mysterious goals into action and be unstoppable.

The Unseelie have been keeping a close eye on the activities of the Shar ever since the Shar Queen placed a call for assistance in the war against the mysteries of the Underground Forest. Though there are Shar traitors, along with members of every other Hibernian race, within the Unseelie Court, the Unseelie knew very little about the true situation within the Shar Labyrinth.

What the Unseelie do know, however, is that the Shar have created a stable opening between the natural world and the Otherworld which finally allows passage to those in the Court who were unable to transverse the Veil before. Not only that, but within the section of the Veil forced open by the Shar, a long lost Elven treasure was rediscovered: the castle Marrach Briollag.

The Unseelie Court has sent agents to investigate this opening and to learn more about the Shar developments. They have multiple goals and interests that revolve around this phenomenon. The Court wishes to claim and secure the passages through the Veil for themselves. Controlling such a resource would put the Court in a very powerful position indeed, as well as grant self-controlled access for their non-magical members. The Unseelie also wish to make contact with the dark elves within Marrach Briollag. Their goal is to offer an alliance to the dark elves and indoctrinate them into the Court. If they refuse, they will be removed as a threat or potential obstacle. The Unseelie Court would then lay claim to Marrach Briollag and use it as a staging point and stronghold for the conquest of the Veil.

Currently the Unseelie are only sending small parties to the Veil for reconnaissance with the inhabitants of Marrach Briollag. They will be quick to eliminate any non-Unseelie that they come across, for their plans must not be discovered prematurely.