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Quest Start: Miraveth
Quest Finish: Grastan Related NPCs: Mirinia, Luca of Cornwall, Lord Kentrick

Quest Text[]


Speak with each of the tree specialty merchants in Holtham proper. Afterwards, return to merchant Miraveth.


Did you know that there are specialized merchants that can perform specific services foryou? Oh sure there are! If you travel throughHoltham and speak to some of the people here, I'm sure they can explain their specialties to you.

Speak with Mirina the Recharger Speak with Luca the Enchanter Speak with Lord Kentrick the Vault Keeper

Mirinia says, "Greetings *name*. I am a recharger. In the world you will come across many item. Some of those items have the ability to be charged. Once an item is charged its special ability can be used, but be careful. An item can only be charged so much. So don't rely on its abilities. You will see the number of charges left on an item by delving it. When they are depleated I can recharge the item once more."

Luca of Cornwall says, "Greetings, *race*. I am an Enchanter. You will come across many items in the world. Some of those items will have a bonus to them. That bonus will allow you to hit more precisely and defend more readily. If you come across an item that lacks a bonus you can come to me. I should be able to enchant it with one."

Lord Kentrick says, "Lo' there, *name*. I am the Vault Keeper here. I am in charge of taking care of everyone's personal belongings. If there is anything you need to store of aren't in any use of at the time being, you can always leave it with me."


As you can see, there are a variety of specialty merchants available here. Be sure to visit each one as needed.


  • 149 Experience
  • 81 copper