Dark Age of Camelot Wiki

Quest Start: Commander Kneeland
Quest Finish: Commander Kneeland
Leads To: Learning Waypoints (Alb)

Quest Text[]


Continue speaking with Commander Kneeland.


Hail to you, *name*. If you are looking for something to assist you in the fight for our realm, I would recommend the potions made by Alchemists. They come in many varieties with several different benefits to the imbiber.

Some potions provide you with great strength, while others help you swing your weapon faster. There are potions that will benefit those from all the schools of the realm.

(To drink a potion, right-click it to bring up the small information window and then type /use or place the spell icon attached to it on your hotbar and click it)

Potions allow you that extra edge against your opponent. Here's a little something from my own supplies. Use it well, *name*.


  • Elixir of Might
  • 2 Experience
  • 5 copper