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Test Version 1.90b

Test Version 1.90b Release Notes - Class and Spell Changes

Dark Age of Camelot

Test Version 1.90b Release Notes

Class and Spell Changes

July 19, 2007



 - The /advice command has been removed from the /appeal menu.

 - Left-clicking on a keep or tower will now display which realm owns the keep and the level of the structure.

 - Focused spells (such as the Heretic's "Torrential Blaze") no longer trigger a weapon-delay-based recast timer. i.e., casting a new spell while focusing another will still end your focus, but will also start casting the new spell (rather than saying "You must wait 3 seconds to cast a spell!").

 - Hastener speed has been reduced in value to match speed chants from secondary speed classes in each realm. The two values should now be equivalent.



 - Healer's RR5 ability "Sputin's Legacy" Has been changed. Before, you would fire the buff and it would grant you the ability to self ressurect if you died while the buff was active. It has been changed to allow the user to cheat death instead. Now, you fire the buff, and if you take enough damage to die while the buff is active, it will give you a heal for a random amount and you will not die.


 - A new Direct Damage (DD) line of spells has been added to the Mentalist's Mentalism baseline.

Level    Name                      Effect    Damage Type

3      Lesser Phantom Pain           11        Energy 7      Phantom Pain                  25        Energy 10     Greater Phantom Pain          36        Energy 14     Lesser Phantom Abrasion       50        Energy 19     Phantom Abrasion              68        Energy 24     Greater Phantom Abrasion      86        Energy 29     Lesser Phantom Injury         104       Energy 34     Phantom Injury                122       Energy 40     Greater Phantom Injury        143       Energy 45     Phantom Disfigurement         161       Energy 50     Phantom Mutilation            179       Energy


 - Theurgists have had a cap placed on the total number of pets they can have out at a time. A theurgist is now only allowed 16 active pets, of any type, at a time.

 - The physical size of many theurgist elementals have been reduced to alleviate some targetting issues that the large elementals cause.

 - Two new spell lines have been added to the Theurgist's Earth specline, a single target Direct Damage (DD) and an Area-Effect Direct Damage (AEDD). These are as follows:

Area Effect DD Line:

Level    Name                Effect    Damage Type

6      Lesser Sand Flurry     19         Matter 11     Sand Flurry            35         Matter 16     Greater Sand Flurry    51         Matter 22     Lesser Gust of Sand    70         Matter 27     Gust of Sand           85         Matter 31     Greater Gust of Sand   98         Matter 36     Blast of Sand          114        Matter 42     Tempest of Sand        133        Matter 50     Hurricane of Sand      158        Matter

Single Target DD Line:

Level    Name                Effect    Damage Type

5      Rough Pebbles          18         Matter 10     Scratching Pebbles     36         Matter 15     Scuffing Pebbles       54         Matter 19     Scraping Rocks         68         Matter 25     Wearing Rocks          90         Matter 30     Erosive Rocks          107        Matter 34     Abrasive Boulders      122        Matter 41     Grinding Boulders      147        Matter 49     Demolishing Boulders   179        Matter


Albion Monsters

 - The trophy monster, Windchaser Naihera, has an increased chance to spawn.

Item Notes

 - The Soot Covered Vest drops are now to set to allow the proper dye type for them.