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Test Version 1.86l Release Notes (Labyrinth of the Minotaur Beta)


Performance Related Fixes (Catacombs Client)

- Some elements of the sky dome were not properly being freed from memory upon zoning. This has been fixed.

- Fixed two memory leaks relating to trees and tree shaders.

- Fixed an issue where memory was not being released properly after using the Social window.

Note: The Catacombs client affects people who play Catacombs, Darkness Rising, or Labyrinth.



The unlocking mechanism for the Mauler class has been activated on Pendragon in all three realms so testers can test the unlocking event. Mauler trainers will not spawn until the class has been unlocked.

To unlock the Mauler class, members of your realm will need to capture any three Minotaur Relics and take them to the island of Agramon. With the relics in hand, each of the three relic carriers must, at the same time, stand beneath the glowing blue orb in the center of the island, in between the four demon seals. Once this is done, the Mauler class will be unlocked and the trainers will appear. At that time, anyone within the Decayed Lands will receive a quest that will reward them for their participation in the unlocking event.

- The maintained snare spells of the Endless Burden spell line in Magnetism now work the same as the Vampiir maintained snares. Spells of this type pulse, taking power on each tick. They are canceled by casting other non instant spells. You can move and attack while the spells of this type are going.

- The maintained snare spells of the Endless Burden spell line in Magnetism no longer trigger the timer on the Mauler Guard spells from the Tegashrig's Arbitration line in Magnetism.

- The Mauler Guard spells from Tegashrig's Arbitration line in Magnetism now print a message when they are used.

- The CAE Root spells from the Unyeilding Armor line in Magnetism were playing their spell effects backwards. This has been fixed.

- The Mauler Realm Rank 5 ability now has a recast timer.


The Minotaur Relic Gating System is now active. Each tier of Minotaur Relic belongs to a specific gate which determines when the Minotaur Relic spawns.

- All Tier-I relics will spawn on their pedestals as soon as a server launches.

- All Tier-II relics will spawn once three Tier-I relics have been unlocked and are in play.

- All Tier-III relics will spawn once three Tier-II relics have been unlocked and are in play.

- If the number of Tier-I relics in play drops below three, all Tier-II relics will despawn.

- If the number of Tier-II relics in play drops below three, all Tier-III relics will despawn.


- Players will no longer zone to their last bindpoint while swimming underwater in Cornwall and Lyonesse.


Quests - General

- The waypoints for the new-style level 1-10 quests will now display correctly on the map.


Oceanus Encounters

- Master Level Trial 1.5 "Conflict": Sentinels will no longer attack pets. This allows pet classes to once again complete this trial.


- Porting via an Obelisk of Nurizane now grants a 10 second immunity timer.

- The timer before you will begin being hit by the nexus rift lightning on the platforms in Nurizane's Crossroads has been raised from 30 seconds to 60 seconds.

Item Notes

- The Regeneration of Kings option for the Mauler Champion Weapon has been changed to King's Shield