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Test Version 1.86b Release Notes (Labyrinth of the Minotaur Beta)


 - Since last patch, some players found that they were able to advance beyond Champion Level 5. This was unintended. We have tracked down and fixed the bug that allowed this to happen. Any player who was able to get beyond Champion Level 5 has been reverted back to their Champion Level 5 status and has been given a forced respec. If you were affected this bug, please take a moment to respec your character. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

 - Fixed an animation issue with the hand-to-hand combat idle animation on male valkyn savages.

 - Midnight Sun (Axe) should now correctly chain off of Valkyrie's Shield for Berserkers and Shadowblades.

 - Loading screens now have useful hints, tips, and occasional bits of humor.

 - Another section of the Labyrinth, the Collapsed section, has been opened to Beta testers. This area may be accessed from the tunnels off the central hub.

 - Additional rooms such as temples and large generic rooms have been implemented in the Clockwork and Collapsed sections of the Labyrinth. New hall piece art has been added as well.

 - Additional encounters are available within the Collapsed section of the Labyrinth.

 - Charmable monsters have been added within the Collapsed section of the Labyrinth.

 - Various common monsters in the Clockwork sections of the Labyrinth have had their level slightly increased.

 - Additional "mini bosses" have been added to some end cap locations within the Clockwork section. Several more will be added throughout the course of Beta 2.

 - Minotaur stats are now accurate in the character creation interface and will transfer into the game correctly.


Mauler Staff   - Growth rates have been added to mauler staff   - Burning Cloud's Celerity should now properly delve as self only.

Fist Wraps

 - Body Blow and Haymaker should now have the correct icons and widgets

 - Jaw Breaker now has the correct growth rate