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This template is used to create a basic navbox.
Type {{navbox|<...>}} somewhere, with parameters as shown below.
Sample output
|name=Land of Bob
|title=[[Land of Bob]]
|list1=[[place1]] {{!}} [[place2]]

Results in...


This should match the namespace used for the Template. IE Template:Classes should have name=Classes.
This is the title and will show up at the top of the Navbox. It can contain links.
Optional - If the Navbox is particular to a specific Realm, use alb, mid, or hib. This will alter the style of the title and group backgrounds. Setting background colors to the title or groups will override the Realm.
Groups are numbered to match their List counterparts and will appear on the left side of the list, but to the right of any Left Image. This can contain links and should describe the list.
Lists are numbered to match their Group counterparts and will appear to the right of the Group but to the left of any Right Image. These should be the navigational links used for quick switching between related information.

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