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The Stormlord brings forth the fury of the tempest upon his enemies. His Atlantean learned arts allow him to bring forth storms that diminish and damage his enemies in various areas of the battlefield. He can also use these gifts to control the storms of his opponents thereby diminishing their effect.

Available to[]

Stormlord Abilities[]

Shared timers are indicated by the same numbers in the Shared Timers column in the table below. If timers are shared, this means that an ability may not be used while the other it shares a timer with is active.

Name Description Target Cast Time Duration Recast Time Radius Shared Timers
Dazzling Array Casts a stun feedback buff to allies in its radius. Only works versus casted, non-realm ability stuns, melee style stuns will still land Realm Allies 20s 600s 600s 350 1
Vacuum Vortex Ground targeted effect that pushes any storms near the ground target directly away from that point. 350 radius Ground Target 3s - - 2300 -
Enervating Gas Storm that drains fatigue from enemies who stand inside it Realm Enemies 20s 600s 300s 350 2
Inebriating Fumes Storm that reduces all stats of enemies while they are inside it. The effect fades quickly once the enemy leaves the effect Realm Enemies 20s 600s 300s 350 1
Mental Siphon Storm that drains power from enemies who stand inside it Realm Enemies 20s 600s 300 350 2
Focusing Winds Cast on a friendly storm, focusing on it to hold it in place. Single-target pulsing spell that lasts 30s total with a 6s duration per tick/5s frequency. 10% power cost per pulse Another Friendly Storm 3s - - 1500 -
Fearsome Surge Causes enemy monsters to flee in terror (pet scare) Enemy Monsters 20s 30s 600s 350 3
Blinding Cloud Cloud Storm that causes enemies to fumble melee attacks while inside the storm Realm Enemies 20s 600s 600s 350 1
Energy Tempest Storm that wracks the enemy with essence damage Realm Enemies 20s 600s 300s 350 3
Arcing Power Self buff that grants the next non-area effect direct damage spell cast a radius, or increases the radius of an area effect damage spell Self 10s 60s 300s - -