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Dear Bence, soon we will be together always. I have been offered a great deal of gold to help a young warrior succeed in the trials. The gold will allow you to leave the service of the King and open your own forge. All I must do is aquire a certain set of stones for the warrior. Before you shake your head (as I know you are doing), know that I do this for us, so that I will not have to 'acquire' anything ever again. It will not be hard to get into the palace and remove the stones if you craft me the vest I asked for. I wait for your response. Until then, I remain your Beloved Helenia.
Dear Bence, Thank you for my vest. It was rather helpful in perfomring my task, I have aquired the five stones and they are tucked safely away in my belt pouch. I didn't even need the enhancements since I could just walk into the palace. Everyone is distracted by the ground shaking. I am to meet the warrior soon, before he travels to the Depths of Stygia. I hope he comes soon since the ground is shaking harder. In fact the wall behind me has begun to sway dangerously and looks like it might tip over....
Dearest Bence, I do not know if this will ever reach you. There are no messengers around and I am in no condition to travel since the wall fell over on me. Your premonition has become reality. Thankfully the fine craftmsanship of the leather vest you made for me kept me from being crushed but did not protect the stones. Only one of the Stones of Atlantis, for that is what I stole, has not been crushed to a fine powder. The warrior arrived quickly but fled to Stygia with that one remaining stone. I begged him to carry this letter to you, but he refused. May the Setians feast upon his bones! I am not long for this world, my beloved. Please know that I shall always love you. I remain your faithful Helenia.

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