Dark Age of Camelot Wiki

Magical Bonuses:  -ALL spell lines: 50 lvls 

Level Requirement  -50 Level 

Bonus to armor factor (AF):10 

Can use item every 15:0 min 

Cannot be traded to other players.  Cannot be sold to merchants. 

Focus Bonuses All Spell Lines: 50 lvls  Bonus to armor factor: 10  L1:Bonus to acuity cap: 5  L2:  L3:Bonus to Dexterity cap: 5  L4:  L5:Tempest  Target is snared, and their combat accuracty is impaired. Unlike other snares, this snare cannot be broken by being struck in battle.  Movement penalty: 25%  Accuracy penalty: 10%  Target: Targetted  Range: 1500  Duration: 30 sec  Casting time: instant  Radius: 700  Damage: Body  This spell is cast when the item is used.  L6:  L7:Energy 5%  Spirit 5%  L8:  L9:Bonus to spell range: 5%  L10:Stealth Lore  Stealth Lore: Target has a greater chance of uncovering stealthed opponents. If the target has the Stealth skill, their ability to use stealth is greater as well.  Stealth bonus: ?  Target: Self  Duration: 1 min  Casting time: instant