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Spindelhalla map
Realm: Midgard
Expansion: Classic

Zone Description

A series of twisting caverns, Spindelhalla is inhabited by the arachites; a race of spider-like creatures that prefer to dwell in dark underground regions or deep forests. Adventurers should be cautious as the arachites are not the only danger within these caves as the arachites keep svartalfar slaves to care for the spiders, harvest their silk, and fight on their behalf.

Full Description

The arachites, sometimes referred to by the Norse as "spidermen," are a dark forest and underground dwelling race of spider- or scorpion-like creatures. There are many species of arachites, including the common arachite, icestriders, ekyps, deeplurks, and djupt.

The common arachites are the most structured and civilized of the different species and are generally the ones found near the surface world. Because they dwell underground, they often compete for territory with the svartalfar and the dverge and will often hunt and/or enslave individuals from either of the two groups.

All Arachites lack the ability to spin their own webs, so they harvest the silk produced by spiders, which they also tend like prized sheep. With the silk produced by the spiders, particularly young spiders and "husks" (silkworms that are found near spiders), the arachite priests have devised a way that allows the arachites to produce a weblike substance that they can use.

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