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What are slash commands? Where can I find a list of them?

Slash Commands are specialized commands that players may use in-game to perform different actions such as an emote animation or setting up their guilds.

To make a macro using a slash command, type the following without the brackets:

/macro [title] [command/text]

So to make a "follow" macro, type:

/macro Follow /follow

... and a hotkey will appear with "FOL" on it which can then be placed on a hotbar.

Below is a listing of all of the current slash commands available to players in Dark Age of Camelot.


A toggle allowing loot to be picked up automatically if in range.
When near a Bind Stone, binds your character to the location.
/charcopy [Server] [Character Name]
Copies your specified character to the Pendragon test server from the specified server. To read more about Character Copy, see Copying Your Characters to Pendragon
Used to copy characters to another account, see Account Splitting for more information.
Doubleclicks whatever you have targetted.
/cloak on | off
Causes player's cloak to be visible or invisible.
/duel accept | challenge | surrender
Accepts a duel, challenges the target to a duel, or surrender to a dueling opponent.
Automatically follows the target, assuming you are moving at the same speed as the target.
/friend [Player Name]
Adds the specified player to your friends list.
/gc buff
Displays the current guild buff information to guild members on any server within a cluster.
Displays the range between you and your current Ground Target.
/helm on | off
Causes player's helm to be visible or invisible.
Toggles the hood on and off when wearing a hooded cloak
/lastname [Preferred Last Name]
When used at a Name Registrar NPC, the /lastname command will apply the selected lastname to the character. You may use /lastname by itself to clear a character's current lastname instead of applying a new one.
(This command has been disabled) - Players that have a level 50 character on any server may create level 20 characters on any other server by typing /level and clicking on their trainer.
Displays the in-game map system with the map of the zone you're currently in
Allows player to purchase multiple items from the merchant.
Prevents situations where a player outside of his or her group is healing, for the purpose of leeching experience from a monster kill, without his or her consent. Note: Turns off effects of healing, regen, and some artifacts.
Pray near your gravestone to receive some experience back
/qbar [#]
Switches to the specified quickbar (each quickbar has a number assigned to it)
Displays all of your current keybindings
/qbind [bar#] [slot#] [quickbar#]
Binds a new key. Example: /qbind 1 2 2 will bind a key to Quickbar Page 1, Slot 2, QuickBar 2.
Logs out your character
Brings up the quiver window (TOA ONLY)
/quiver dump
Takes all arrows in the quiver and drops them to the ground
/qunbind [bar#] [slot#]
Gets rid of a keybinding
/random [#]
Prints out a random number between 1 and the number specified; Used primarily for decision making in-game
This command works similar to /gtrange but is based off of your current target rather than your ground target.
Release corpse to a nearby keep or tower lord, must bind to the lord first. Only available to certain classes.
Releases your character from death and returns him to his binding point. You may type /release house to release to your home if you have bound in one.
/release city | house
When dead, releases the player to his or her capital city, or to their house if they have one.
Will repair static objects (keep doors, siege weapons), not armor
Displays the character's respecs that are available.
/respec [Specialization Line] | all | realm | mythic
This must be used while targeting a class trainer. Awards the player a single-line respec of the chosen trained specialization line, or a Full Respec of all trained specializations, or a Realm respec which includes all Realm abilities (passive and active), or the Mythic respec which is a combined Full and Realm respec.
Character sits down. See also: /sit
RA changed - Used to be for the Sputin's Legacy RA to auto resurrect yourself after death.
/roleplay on | off
Flags a player with an tag to indicate the player is a role player.
/rp on | off
Typing "/rp OFF" will disable gaining realm points for your character. Typing "/rp ON" will re-enable the gaining of realm points. Typing "/rp" with no parameters will display the current state of this flag ( ON or OFF ), it will not change the state.
Salvage raw goods from an item; may only be done by crafters with high enough skill
/settitle [Title]
Used to set your title.
Character sits down
Provides players with guild, alliance, realm, realm mates and realm news.
/spacing normal | big | huge
Sets the spacing settings on Bonedancer minion pets in a formation; Normal is the default setting.
Makes your character sprint.
Character stands up
Displays a window with your character's current statistics (HP healed, resurrections performed, and your current gamplay "I Remain Standing..." score)
/stats rp | killrp | kills | deathblows | irs | heal | resurrect
Displays stats for the specified type for the current gaming session
Toggles anonymous settings for real time online statistics garnered from the /stats commands
Logs character out of the game and resets location to a nearby spot. Use when stuck in world geometry. If /stuck fails to correct the problem, please /appeal using the "Appeal: Stuck" category.
/target [Player Name]
Makes [Player Name] your target, only works on allies.
Opens the class training window.
Upgrade a keep door; must have high enough skill in woodcrafting to perform this task
/xp on | off
Typing "/xp off" will disable gaining experience for your character. Typing "/xp ON" will re-enable the gaining of experience. Typing "/xp" with no parameters will display the current state of this flag ( ON or OFF ), it will not change the state.



/bg grantcredit (MasterLevel) (PlayerName)
Allows Batttlegroup Leader to grant credit for completed Master Level steps within certain restrictions.
/battlegroup groupclass
Shows the class makeup of each of the groups in the battlegroup
/battlegroup groups
Will display a group focused version of the /battlegroup who command. It will identify who is grouped within the battlegroup, who is grouped with people outside the group, and who is solo.
/battlegroup invite (playername)
Invites the specified player to the battlegroup
/battlegroup leave
Remove oneself from the battlegroup
/battlegroup listen
Puts the battlegroup on listen mode; only the moderator and leaders can speak
/battlegroup loot treasurer | normal
Toggles the treasurer feature on and off.
/battlegroup who
Lists all members of the battlegroup
/bg credit
Displays credit for Battlegroup Master Level encounters that have been completed within the last 10 minutes. This command can be used by the Battlegroup leader without restriction.

Chat groups[]

/cg invite [playername]
Invites specified player to the chat group
/cg remove [playername]
Removes the specified player from the chat group
/cg leave
Leave the current chat group
/cg decline
Declines an invitation to a chat group
/cg join [moderator name]
Join a public chat group by name of the moderator
/cg who
Lists players in the chat group

Guild commands[]

Guild Master only Commands[]

/gc aaccept
Accepts an offer for a guild alliance when invited by another guild
/gs adecline
Declines an offer for a guild alliance when invited by another guild
/gc acancel
Cancels an offer for a guild alliance that you made to another guild
/gc ainvite
Invites another guild to establish an alliance. You can only invite the GM of another guild.
/gc aremove #
Remove a guild # from your guild alliance. (When leading more than one alliance, each additional alliance guild is assigned a number.) To remove a specific follower guild, use /gc aremove #, with the # substituted with the guild ID number.
/gc aremove leader
Remove your guild from an alliance
/gc autoremove account (accountname)
Removes all players from the guild whether or not he is online at the time from the specified account name
/gc autoremove (playername)
Removes a specified player from the guild whether or not he is online at the time
/gc edit motd
Sets message-of-the-day
/gc emblem
Sets emblem style for the guild
/gc leader
Promote another player to leader
/gc motd
Clears the MoTD

Guild Master/Officer Commands[]

/gc demote ##
Demotes targeted player to the rank (##) specified
/gc info
Provides information about player's guild depending on rank of player.
/gc invite
Invites a player to the guild
/gc edit
Base edit command. If used alone, without an argument, it will return to the list of editing options.
/gc edit <#> title
Sets title for specific rank <#> for the guild.
/gc edit <#> ranklevel
Sets rank hierarchy
/gc ahear
Edits selected rank to be able to hear Alliance chat
/gc edit aspeak
Edits selected rank to be able to speak in Alliance chat
/gc edit emblem
Edits the rank of members who are allowed to wear a guild emblem on their cloak/shield.
/gc edit invite
Edits rank with the ability to invite players into the guild
/gc edit gchear
Edits rank to be able to hear guild chat
/gc edit gcspeak
Edits rank to be able to speak in guild chat
/gc edit ochear
Edits the rank to be able to hear Officer chat
/gc edit ocspeak
Edits the rank to be able to speak in Officer chat
/gc edit promote
Edits the rank with the ability to promote/demote lower ranks
/gc edit remove
Edits the rank with the ability to remove lower ranks from the guild
/gc omotd
Lists the officer guild message of the day
/gc omotd [text]
Sets the officer message of the day with the designated text
/gc promote ##
Promotes targeted player to the rank (##) specified
/gc promote [playername] [rank#]
Promotes the specified player to the specified rank number
/gc quit
Removes you from a guild
/gc remove
Removes target from the guild
/gc removeaccount
Removes all characters associated with the same account as the target character.

General Guild Commands[]

/gc accept
Accepts a guild invitation
/gc alliance
Lists the alliance the guild is currently a part of
/gc cancel
Cancels an invitation to join the guild
/gc decline
Declines a guild invitation
/gc deposit [copper]
Allows players to make a deposit to their guild's bank. Please note that the deposit should be entered in cp.
/gc form
Forms the guild (8 people required)
/gc info
Returns a list of guild information
/gc logins
Toggles a flag on your character which will send a text message informing you of whenever a member of your guild (who isn't anon) logs on or off
/gc quit
Removes oneself from the guild
/gc ranks
Lists the ranks in the guild. Leaders may also change these ranks with this command.
/gc release
Ranking guild member (with releasing permissions) can release a claimed guild keep
/gc who
Lists all of the players in the guild who are currently logged on


/gc aaccept
Accepts an alliance invitation
/gc acancel
Cancels an alliance invitation
/gc adecline
Declines an alliance invitation
/gc ainvite
Invites another guild to join your alliance
/gc amotd
Displays the alliance message of the day
/gc amotd (text)
Sets the alliance message of the day to a specified text
/gc aremove leader
Removes your entire guild from your current alliance
/gc aremove (#)
Removes the specified guild (listed by number) from the alliance


A specific chat channel designated to ask questions to your fellow realm mates.
/afk [message]
Sets character "away from the keyboard." You may also set an optional [message] to display when players try to contact you while AFK.
/asend (or /as)
Sends a message to the alliance chat
/bchat or /bc or /bu or /bb [message]
Sends [message] to your Battlegroup Chat
/broadcast (or /broad or /br)
Broadcasts a message across a wider area
/chat (or /c or /ch)
Speaks to the chat group
Players may open a chat log to a different filename than 'chat.log'. The extention '.log' is automatically appended to whatever name you choose. Typing '/chatlog pendtest' would create a file called 'pendtest.log' in your camelot directory.
/emote (or /em, or /e)
Lists the available in-game emotes
/group (or /g)
Sends a message to your group
/guild (or /gu)
Sends a message to your guild
/ignore [playername]
Ignores the specified player
/osend (or /o)
Sends a message to officer chat (must be a guild officer)
/psend or /p
Sends a message to your group
/rpfilter [abbreviation] [text]
Allows players to filter out commonly used game terms and abbreviations for any text that he/she wishes. Example: "/rpfilter LFG looking for group" would replace any occurance of "LFG" with "looking for group".
Turns the roleplaying filter off
Turns the roleplaying filter on
/say (or /s)
Speak outside of a group or guild in a small radius around your character
/rsend [playername] (or /tell [playername])
Sends a private message to the specified player
Speaks softly in an extremely close range
/who RP
Searches for players who have flagged themselves as role players
/yell (or /y)
Yells for help; add text (/yell [text]) to speak in a wider range


Fighting/defensive actions[]

Assist the target in battle
A useful way to use the "/assist"-command is to create the following macro:
/macro MA /macro TARGET /assist %t
Executing this macro will create a new button named "MA", a common shortcut for "Main Assist"
Executing the "MA"-Button while targeting another player will create another button named "TAR", that you may place anywhere on your quickbars. This may help you to assist your ally in battle more quickly.
Changes the order spell effects display on a character. First/last, Last/First. This is a Toggle.
Toggles the feature that allows one to cancel their styles by executing them a second time
Faces the target
/faceloc [x] [y]
Turns and faces your character into the direction of the x, y coordinates provided
/formation line | triangle | protect
Sets the positions of the Bonedancer minion pets in various formations around the Bonedancer; Triangle is the default setting.
Works similarly to /assist, but the target shared is a ground target such as the ones for GTAE spells, some Realm Abilities, and some siege weapons.
/groundset [unit amount]
Set a ground target a set number of units in front of the player.
Guards the target; Requires the Guard ability
Protects the target; Requires the Protect ability
Sticks to the target; Same as /follow, but you remain much closer and the range at which you get "too far away" and break loose is smaller
/style [name]
Allows you to do a combat style as a slash command. /style Ruby Slash, etc. Appears to be non-functional.

Siege weapon commands[]

Aims the weapon
Readies the weapon for firing
Allows a player to control siege equipment
Fires the weapon at the target
Loads the weapon with ammunition

Game settings and preferences[]

/anonymous (or /anon)
Make your character anonymous on the /who listings
/chatlog [filename]
Opens up a chatlog to the specified filename instead of "chat.log" The extension ".log" is automatically added to the filename specified.
/clientsleep background | minimized | none
Sets the client to go into "sleep mode" and use less processor power on one's computer. You can adjust these settings from the options menu as well.
/clock [Player Name]
Toggles the display of a new window that shows the current time of day (real time, not game time)
/colornames [Player Name]
Turns on the new name coloring features that make it easier to distinguish certain NPCs from others
/effects self | group | all | none
Toggle spell effects to show one's spell effects only, all, your group's, or none at all
Hides all gravestones except for your own
/hidenames players | monsters | self | graves | all
Hide names of the specified objects (players, monsters, one's self, graves, or all objects)
Opens a window with the current keyboard configuration
Flags yourself as Looking For a Guild
Toggles the spell queuing system on and off
Turns off the new colored name feature and returns to the original release name coloring
/quickbar Qbar# 1/0
Toggle quickbars when using multiple quickbars as introduced in 1.75. For example, to enable quickbar 2, use /quickbar 2 1.
Resets the default camera settings
Toggles the Chat Buffer scrolling. If it is toggled on, messages in your visible chat buffer will disappear after 90 seconds - but you will still be able to view old messages by scrolling back in the chat buffer.
Saves your default camera settings
/setwho class | trade
Sets how the player wishes to be displayed on a /who inquery. Class displays the character's class and level. Trade displays the tradeskill type and level of the character.
/shownames self | players | monsters | gravestones | groupmates | guildmates | enemies
Shows names of the specified objects (players, monsters, one's self, graves, or all objects)
/sshot [preferred basename of screenshot files]
Toggles the ability to trade on and off
/webdisplay nopoints
Toggles whether or not your realm points, rank, and master level information is displayed on the Herald
/webdisplay trades
Toggles whether or not your tradeskill information is displayed on the Herald

Getting help[]

PvP server-specific commands[]

Housing commands[]

/boot [Player Name]
Kicks a player out of your house
/bountyrent [personal | guild] [#]
This will allow players to directly pay for their house rent with bounty points, rather than purchasing tokens which may not be correct in value.
Delves the target house.
/house fixemblems
/houseface [Guild Name | Lot Number]
Points to the specified guildhouse of the guild noted, or the lot number noted in the command. /houseface alone will point to one's personal home.
/housefriend all
Allows everyone to enter the home
/housefriend player | guild | guildlevel [Player Name | Guild Rank's Name]
Adds a player, guild, or guildlevel to your house friends list.
Brings up the housing manual in-game.
/houseloc [lot#]
When in the same region as a given lot, /houseloc (lot number) will tell you the owner's name, the zone name, and the x and y coordinates within that zone.
Automatically picks up and places all decorations from your house and garden into available space in your inventory. It will only pick up decoration objects - not Merchants, Vaults, or Tradeskill Tools.
Toggles whether or not your merchant's items are included in the Player Market Database.
/settle [#]
You may pull less than the full value of cash off of your consigment merchant with this command. Note: Values given in coppers (i.e. /settle 20000 results in removing 2 gold from the consigment merchant)
/webdisplay house
Toggles your house's information displayed on the Herald on or off.

Information Commands[]

/dir or /d
Tells you the direction you are facing
Brings up the help system
SHows a list of which commands are linked to which keys
Shows your location
Displays the details of the quests you are on and/or have completed
Shows information about a task if you have been assigned one. Will show the time reamining, as well as the name of the NPC to whom you need to head to to complete the task. Does not show the location of that NPC.
Shows current game time (not real-world time)
/where <name>
Use to have guards give you directions to NPCs.
Lists number of players in the game
/who help
Lists possible /who options
/who <name>
Lists all players whose name starts with the indicated text
/who <class>
Lists all players of specified class
/who <zone>
Lists all players in specified area
/who <#> level
Lists all players of specified level

More information[]

Boat commands[]

Commands the vehicle you're driving to go to your ground target.
Board targetted boat
Boot someone from your boat
/vdestination [x] [y]
Will sail your boat to a specified location (x, y) within your current zone
Allows the controller of a movable vehicle to follow their currently targeted object
Move your boat forward
Invite someone onto your boat
/vset [public/private]
Sets your boat to either Public or Private.

Card game commands[]

/roll [number of dice]
Simulates a dice roll; Specify the number of die rolls you want (six-sided dice only).
Create the number of decks you specify and automatically shuffle them. User must use this command before attempting to /deal.
/deal [playername] [u/d]
Deals the specified player a card and defines if it should appear up (u) or down (d)
Returns a list of all cards in your hand
/discard [#]
Discards the card in your hand that you specify; /discard all will get rid of all cards
Shows your entire hand to those around you

Horse commands[]

Quest actions[]

Quick Keys (Default Settings)[]

A = Jump/Up
Z = Crawl/Down
] = Walk
[ = Skills
Q = Strafe Left
W = Strafe Right
C = Cast
I = Inventory
Y = Quick Sell
P = Stats (Player Sheet)
R = Reply to a send
O = Group
U = Spells
T = Torch
S = Look Up
X = Look Down
D = Center View
G = Get/Drop Item
L = Chat Log
M = Mouse Toggle
N = Consider
H = Combat
= Quick Destroy Item
Left Shift = Toggles your mouse pointer on and off without having to actually turn your mouse on or off.
Shift+(F1-F8) = Select Group Member (1-8)
Shift+Up Arrow = Repeat Last Message
Shift+F = Frame rate monitor
Shift+I = Gives detailed information and stats on the highlighted item.
Shift+C = Compass, repeat command to enlarge, and again, to move press shift and hold down mouse and move cursor.
~ = Pans your camera around when you are in third person mode.
- (numeric keypad) = Takes a screenshot of the current scene
TAB = Hides the interface displays.
ESC = Removes the current target from your target panel.
Pgup/down = Scrolls up or down in chat and effects windows.
' or " = Initiates conversation with another player
F1 = Calls up the internal help system. Not alterable.
F6 = Combat mode on/off
F7 = Target nearest option, select key again to cycle through objects
F8 = Target nearest monster, select key again to cycle through monsters
F9 = Target the nearest PC, starting with yourself. Select the key again to cycle through other PCs.
F11 = Change camera view

External links[]

darkageofcamelot.com - Slash Commands