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File:Silvermine Mountains map.jpg
Realm: Hibernia
Expansion: Classic
Dungeons:Spraggon Den

This mountainous area is home to the strongholds of Howth and Ardagh. The Spraggon Den’s entrance is nestled deep in the mountainside to the west, awaiting adventurers of levels 20 to 25. Those not interested in dungeons may find plenty to hunt along the west side of the lake, while those interested in more of a challenge may cross the stone bridge to the east side of Silvermine.

Adjacent Zones


The Silvermine Mountains (Irish: Sliabh an Airgid) are a mountain range situated in North Tipperary (the foothills run into County Limerick) in Ireland. The highest peak of the range is Slievekimalta or Keeper Hill at 694m (2,277ft) high.

The range is often referred to as the Silvermines Mountains or simply The Silvermines (both using Silvermines plural) however the recognized name is Silvermine (singular) Mountains

The village of Silvermines is located to the north of Keeper Hill and has been a mining centre since the 14th century.

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