Dark Age of Camelot Wiki

Quest Start: Sir Remson
Quest Finish: Brother Jonathan

Quest Text[]


The Mayor suggests you go and pay your respects to the local Healer. Target him and use the /bow emote, then speak with him to complete the quest.


You must be new to Holtham. Pleasure to meet you, *name*. I am Sir Remson, the Lord Mayor. Since you're in town, you may want to ask around to see if anyone could use the assistance of a brave soul such as yourself. Also, you should go and show your respects to Brother Jonathan, our resident Healer. He is only second to myself in importance to this town.

You must be *name*, I've heard much about you, young one. Whenever you die, it's important that you come see me. I will be able to cure your constitution loss.


  • 208 experience
  • 96 copper