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Sheeroe Hills map
Realm: Hibernia
Expansion: Classic

Shrouded in eternal twilight, Sheeroe Hills is infested with the magical Glimmerlings. Should you and your experienced companions manage to get through their defenses, your journey has only just begun. These lands are a maze of winding valleys heavily guarded by Glimmers and Azures. A wrong turn could find you in the lair of Cuuldurach the Glimmer King, Hibernia’s mighty dragon.


In a routine scouting pass through the outskirts of the Bog of Cullen, a small group of seasoned rangers found that the landscaped had changed along the bog’s northern edge. A pass, which had not been there previously, appeared from under a thick layer of mists. The rangers, dubious of the nature of the pass, scouted it cautiously. Before they ventured too far, small spirits that seemed to "glimmer" with an unusual light confronted them with aggressive intentions. Suspecting it to be a siabra trick, the rangers quickly dispatched the odd creatures. Not too long after their first encounter larger spirit-type creatures, sharing the same type of “glimmer” as the previous spirits, also attacked the group. These were obviously more powerful than the small spirits that were encountered previously, almost too powerful. The behavior of these spiritual beings was very unlike the siabra, and this new experience was more than the rangers wanted to handle without more information about what they were facing.

The rangers returned with their findings and decided to consult others. They found themselves reciting their story to many, but no one seemed to have any more information on these glimmers, as they came to be known. That was, until they found themselves in the company of the ancient elven sage, Tyldifyl. "Like the kingdoms of man," he began, "the Otherworld is also divided into regions, each often having its own ruler and laws. Some of those "kingdoms" are more known than others, since some wish to remain unseen. One such place is called the Sheeroe Hills, ruled by Cuuldurach the Glimmer King. Cuuldurach is an ancient and powerful being. He rules with absolute power in his realm, in the realm of what you call the Glimmers..."

The rangers gathered more information and found that the worshippers of the Great Azure, ancient relatives of the Firbolg who find their faith in the unclouded sky, have sent strong expeditions into the Sheeroe Hills. In their zealot-like reverence for their god, they believe that the glimmers are evil, tainted creatures of death, and because of that, they believe it is their duty to cleanse the land of their presence. They have established strongholds in the Sheeroe Hills and guard them closely, distrusting anyone but one of their own to venture near.

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