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The Queen of the Shar has approached the Hibernians to offer her creatures in their struggle against Albion and Midgard. However, as the Elves well know, the Shar are inherently evil creatures, and do nothing that is good without ulterior motives. In truth, the Queen of the Shar has plans to help Hibernia defeat their enemies, and then, when they are weak, to turn on them and destroy them utterly. However, as the war is going badly, the Celts have argued that they should accept the assistance of the Shar. None but the Elves really know the Shar, and they are watchful and distrustful, but have agreed to this uneasy alliance. With fairly evenly distributed base statistics and high constitution, the Shar are durable and versatile, although they don't excel in any specific area.

Classes available to Shar[]