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Shadowblades are sneaking little creatures, which lurk in the shadows and wait to stab their enemies from behind. They train heavily in the art of Stealthing and weaponry related to their roguish behavior. The Shadowblade derives his inspiration from the Norse trickster god, Loki. Much like any other rogue class, they have minimal armor available to them, but they train heavily in the art of evasion right up through the seventh level. They are stouter than their counterparts and able to take more hits.

Attributes & Races[edit | edit source]

Norse 50 + 45 50 + 23 70 + 15 70606060602% Crush3% Slash5% Cold
Kobold 70 + 45 70 + 23 50 + 15 50606060605% Crush5% Energy
Valkyn 65 + 45 75 + 23 55 + 15 45606060603% Slash2% Thrust5% Cold5% Body
Frostalf 55 + 45 60 + 23 55 + 15 55606075602% Slash3% Thrust5% Spirit

Abilities & Specialization[edit | edit source] Sprint Stealth Evade I (1) Evade II (5) Evade III (10) Evade IV (20) Evade V (30) Evade VI (40) Evade VII (50) Tireless (15) Caltrops (35)

Left Axe
Critical Strike


Armor Cloth Leather

Weapon Staves Swords Axes Thrown Weapons Left Axe Shield (Small)

Master Levels Battlemaster Spymaster

Sub Classes Mystic Seer Viking Alchemy Armorcraft Basic Crafting Fletching Spellcrafting Tailoring Weaponcraft Siegecraft

Tactics[edit | edit source]

PVE[edit | edit source]

RVR[edit | edit source]

  • This is Not Turn Based Play. Learn to Dance and get positionals.

Realm Abilities[edit | edit source]

Symbol vote yes2.png Primary Realm Abilities Symbol vote yes2.png Neutral.png Secondary Realm Abilities Neutral.png Symbol vote no2.png Useless Realm Abilities Symbol vote no2.png Mastery of Stealth Augmented Constitution Augmented Dexterity Augmented Quickness Augmented Strength Avoidance of Magic Long Wind Mastery of Pain Toughness Lifter Mastery of Parrying Veil Recovery Purge Viper First Aid The Empty Mind Vanish Second Wind

Realm Rank 5 Ability[edit | edit source]

Name Blood Drinking
Reuse 5 minutes
Effect Causes the Shadowblade to be healed for 15% of all damage he does for 30 seconds.

Useful Artifacts[edit | edit source]


  • Malice's Axe
  • Traitors Dagger
  • Golden Spear
  • Battler


  • Maddening Scalars
  • Guard of Valor
  • Golden Scarab Vest


  • Shades of Mist
  • Eerie Darkness Lighting Stone
  • Ring of Dances
  • Gem of Lost Memories
  • Belt of Oglidarsh

Other Useful Items[edit | edit source]




  • Bracelet of Eternal Retribution


  • Greater Evade

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