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Secret Word


The secret word is the key to the security of your account. The secret word verifies account ownership.

It is set up once, when you first create your account, and can only be changed by calling into our Support Center. You will not be able to access, change, or receive any assistance from our billing department without your secret word. If you feel someone may know your secret word, you should contact our Call Center immediately to change it.

Per the EUALA agreement that you must agree to, the secret word is used to prove ownership of the users account. Please also note, per the EUALA that it is the sole responsibility of the user to keep track of and keep the word secure at all times. In the event that you are not able to remember the secret word when asked by Mythic Entertainment's representatives in connection with an accounting issue, Mythic Entertainment shall not be required to use any means to help establish your ownership of the account.


The Secret Word on your account can only be changed by calling into our support center. Once the current secret word has been successfully verified, you may request to have the secret word changed.

The secret word can never be verified via e-mail.