Dark Age of Camelot Wiki

Quest Start: Old Man
Quest Finish: Old Man
Leads To: Introducing the Command Window

Quest Text[]


Continue to talk to the old man, to learn about the chat system.


Greetings *class*, I see you've just come from the siege at Caer Stamford. A lot of travelers have been passing through here. Some running from the siege itself. Some requiring the attention of our healers. One thing seems to remain the same however, information. The more you talk with NPC's and Players the better off you will be. Shall I show you how to do this?

The Old Man says, "Perfect, interacting with an NPC is the first step to good communication. By right clicking NPC's you can open their dialog box. In their dialog box some of the words may be [highlighted]. These highlighted words can be clicked or said directly to the NPC by left clicking the NPC and typing the word in the chat box. Try this now."

The Old Man says, "Very good. Most interactions with NPC's will take place in this way. Talking to players however can be done in several ways, through a Send, [Region] chat, Broadcast, group chat and more."

The Old Man says, "Yes, as you travel through the world of Camelot, you will encounter many different regions. To speak to everyone currently within that region you can type /region (message). This is useful to gather group members of the levels and give intelligence about the current status of this region. Exploring and using all the types of communication available to you will allow you to become a more powerful player. I have [something] that may help in this."

The Old Man says, "Take this guide, it will help you to understand and use all the chat features available to you. Good luck *name*."

Now you're beginning to understand, young one. Take these, if you right click them and press the info button they should help explain things more.


  • Chat guide
  • Guild guide
  • Battle group guide
  • 20 Experience
  • 24 copper