Dark Age of Camelot Wiki
Rules of Conduct

While playing Dark Age of Camelot, you must respect the rights of others and their rights to play and enjoy the game. These are basic guidelines that everyone must follow, and will be enforced by Dark Age of Camelot Customer Service Staff.

  1. Mythic Entertainment is committed to fair and equal treatment of all of its customers. If there is a suspected violation of the Rules of Conduct, we will investigate fully, with the responsibility to prove the violation resting solely with us. Certain violations of the Rules of Conduct may, at Mythic Entertainment's sole discretion, result in the immediate termination of Player's Account with no advance notice required and other actions which Mythic may determine are necessary.
  2. Player may not engage in any conduct or communication while using the DAoC Services which is unlawful or which restricts or inhibits any other Player from using or enjoying these Services.
  3. Player agrees to use the DAoC Services only for lawful purposes. The list of prohibited conduct below provides examples of unacceptable conduct. The list is not exhaustive, and Mythic reserves the right, but not the responsibility, to restrict conduct which Mythic deems, in its sole discretion, to be harmful to individual members, damaging to the Services, or in violation of Mythic' or any third party's rights. Mythic may prohibit or delete conduct, communication or content transmitted on Mythic services that is deemed to be in violation of applicable laws or is harmful to other members, the Mythic service community or the rights of Mythic in general. Player acknowledges, however, that communication over the DAoC Services often occurs in real-time and Mythic cannot, and does not intend to, screen communication in advance.
  4. Player will follow any instructions that are given to them by official representatives of DAoC Customer Support. Failure to comply with requests or instructions received from Mythic Representatives is a violation of the Code of Conduct and disciplinary action will be taken as necessary.