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Roleplaying Server Addendum

You have chosen to play on one of the servers that Mythic Entertainment has specifically designated for Roleplaying customers. There are expanded rules in place that govern anyone playing on DAoC roleplaying servers. All rules from the DAoC Code of Conduct apply, as well as the following expanded rules:

Naming Policy for Roleplaying Servers.


-All names must fit into the medieval or dark-ages setting. -All names must fit into the realm that you are playing in. -All policy enforcement for names on the roleplaying servers will be done aggressively by members of the DAoC CS staff, of Server Lead and higher authority. It is in Mythic's sole judgment whether a name breaks the policy, and we will rename characters accordingly. If you see someone with a name that obviously breaks the roleplaying ruleset, please report them.

Communication Policy for Roleplaying Servers.


-All communication on the roleplay server must be appropriate for the medieval or dark-ages time-period (in-character). Specifically; -No talking about modern day topics is allowed. Examples of this include, but are not limited to: Discussions about modern sports. Discussions about modern music. Discussions about current events. Discussions about computers or gaming. Or discussions about any other modern-day topic. -If a guild, group or person agrees that out-of-character communication is acceptable, then Mythic will not interfere with this decision within /Guild, /Group or /Sends communication. There is never a time when out-of-character communication is acceptable in /Broadcast, /Say, or /Shout. -If someone is breaking the roleplaying communication policy on the server, you MUST ask them to stop before reporting them. If they stop when asked, and do not repeat their out-of-character communication, then the problem is solved and there is no need to contact customer support. If someone persists in breaking the roleplaying communication policy, then report them using the /Appeal command, and DAoC Customer Support will investigate and take action as appropriate. -Abbreviations, Internet Shorthand, "dude speak" and any other non-RP communications are not allowed on this server. If someone is using single words or abbreviations that break your roleplaying immersion, please use the /RPFilter command to filter those words into something that you consider more appropriate. In general, Mythic Customer Support will not take action on people using single non-RP words or abbreviations unless they violate another policy (vulgarity, zone disruption, harassment, etc...), or are intentionally trying to bypass the Roleplay filter. If someone is using multiple words or sentences that violate this policy, or if you encounter a situation where the /RPFilter does not work or is being bypassed; first ask the player to stop, if they continue, please appeal the violation and we will investigate fully and take appropriate action.

Event Interference on Roleplaying Servers.


-Any interference or disruption of scheduled events, whether run by players or by Mythic Staff, is strictly prohibited.

If you cannot abide by these rules, DO NOT play on these servers. Mythic Entertainment has a strict policy of enforcement regarding these rules, and will not tolerate players coming to this server who do not or will not abide by these Rules of Conduct. Breaking any of the above rules can result in actions against your account to include warnings, banishment from the roleplay servers,suspensions, and even termination of your account (based on the severity of the violation). Thank you and have a great time roleplaying!

For a more detailed list of policy violations and the disciplinary actions that may be associated with them, please read the policy entitled "Detailed List of Policy Violations and Disciplinary Actions", which is located at support.darkageofcamelot.com.