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Red Dagger - quest hints

Players stuck on step 8 that have handed the scroll to the NPC but can't continue just need to tell her the [red daggers have the scroll of seithkona] to be able to continue. Even if she's asking for the scroll, just tell her this.

Players stuck on step 9 that can't get the NPC to respond to [Thane's blood] need to make sure they're using the correct punctuation and try simply right clicking on her. You must be level 25.

Players stuck on step 17 that got stuck after turning in all of the items can /say [fashion a smith's charm] to the NPC.

Players stuck on step 18 need to achieve level 30 to continue.

Players having difficulty advancing past their encounter with the Seer, getting information from their weapon, or speaking with the smith need to be sure they have equipped any quest items they received during this quest.