Dark Age of Camelot Wiki

There are currently 19 different playable Races in the world of Dark Age of Camelot.

Each realm has 6 unique races, and 1 common race.


Name Description
Native to Albion. Britons are a hearty, adaptable people with the ability to succeed in any profession or discipline set before them. Though many years have passed since the the days of King Arthur, the Britons remain loyal to their ideals.
Said to be touched by the same arcane essence that empowers the Elves of Hibernia, this tall, fair race of humans has a strong affinity for the magical arts. They have come from the isle of Avalon to aid the heirs of Arthur.
Following in the footsteps of the first Saracen Knight, Sir Palomides, many men and women from the nomadic desert tribes have found their home in Albion. They are a dark skinned people known for their feats of agility and stealth
Once at odds with the Britons, these strong and able bodied clansfolk have come to the lowlands of Albion to defend against their common enemies. Proud of their clan heritage, they display their clan colors in the tartans they wear even as they charge forth on the battlefield.
Natives of underworld and servants of its king, Arawn, the Inconnu have joined the battle at their Lords' behest to gain Albion's favor in their struggles to free Avalon City from it's invaders. The Inconnu are easily recognizable by their small frames, pale blue skin and black eyes. They are apt in the arts of necromancy, but are a versatile race capable of mastering many professions.
Hailing from the Isle of Avalon, this half-breed race is as intelligent as they are strong and are capable of mastering the arcane arts as well as becoming fighters of great renown.


Name Description
The Norse people are a stout race, hardened by the harsh landscape and cold winters of Midgard. They will fervently fight against any invaders who threaten their homeland. They are an adaptable race that can learn all styles of fighting and most magic types.
The oldest race in Midgard, Dwarves are steadfast in their devotion to the elder gods and finer ales, and are the backbone of Midgard's armies. Originally from deep caverns beneath the earth, this durable race lives and fights alongside the other races of Midgard against the forces of Hibernia and Albion. They are equally good at fighting, healing or hunting.
Trolls, with their rock-like camouflaged skin, emerged from the mountains of Midgard to help their friends, the Norsemen. Trolls are large fearsome creatures with a strong constitution and natural strength which makes them excellent fighters for the realm.
Mischievous, quick, and small, although the Kobolds often act as scouts for the armies of Midgard, many are also attracted to the mystical runic arts. Others sometimes choose to serve as fighters on the front lines of battle, relying on their great speed and dexterity to offset their diminutive size.
Having revolted against the oppressive rule of their brutal Morvalt lords on their homeland of Aegir, the Valkyn now fight alongside their Midgard allies against the forces of Hibernia and Albion. They are a tribal people who excel in the arts of fighting and stealth. They were responsible for teaching the people of Midgard how to call upon the bones.
The Frostalf are distant relatives of the Svartalfar who have been sent in to exile long ago. What started as a chance encounter turned in to a cohesive alliance, and the Frostalf people have chosen to unite with the races of Midgard to protect their homeland from the Hibernian and Albion invaders.


Name Description
The Celts are a war-like tribe of HIbernian people who are known for their ferocity in battle. With a versatility that allows them to master nearly any fighting style, they are known to strike fear into to their enemies by charging wildly into battle with tattoos of woad across their faces.
An elegant race of tall and slender people who have come to the aid of Hibernia in their time of need, the elves channel magical enemy as naturally as breathing. As such they make excellent mages. They are also graceful and dexterous allowing them to excel in areas of subtlety and archery.
Firbolgs are the oldest of the living Hibernian races. Their people ruled the lands before even the arrival of the Hibernian gods, the Tuatha De Dannan. They are a strong human-like race that produces exceptional fighters and masterful musicians.
Lurikeens are a slight and playful race. Though small in stature, they have dedicated their hearts to the salvation of Hibernia from the invading forces of Albion and Midgard. Sneaky and difficult to detect due to their size, they are often employed to scout out the enemy of strike without being seen. Their inherent skills with magic also make them some of the most skilled casters of the realm.
Native to HyBrasil, the Sylvans have allied with the races of Hibernia to combat the treat of the Fomorians, as well as Midgard and Albion. They are a Dryad type creature that has a faint resemblance to the trees they inhabit. Though their affinity with nature makes them easily adaptable to any nature orientated role, they are also versatile enough to make fair fighters and decent healers.
The Shar have come to the aid of Hibernia at the behest of their queen. Elves believe them to be evil, but the Shar have adapted well to the land of Hibernia and their intentions seem sincere. Shar make excellent fighters, but some also choose to follow the path of magic or stealth.


Name Description
The Minotaur, distinguishable by their bull-like heads atop powerful human bodies, are the remnants of an ancient civilization whose different clans are scattered across the realms, the Uruz-Korazh tribe settled in Albion. Minotaur are combative by nature and do not shy away from any clash of arms.