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There are 70 quests in Constantine's Sound.

Caer Stamford[]

Name Level NPC
Movement and Interaction (Alb) 1 Lord Stamford
Basics of Combat (Alb) 1 Master Gethin
Defending the Tower (Alb) 1 Master Gethin


Name Level NPC
Trainers and Merchants (Alb) 1 Veteran Guard
Greetings Heretic 1 Myrand
Melee Combat (Quest) 1 Grastan
Spell Damage (Quest) 1 Grastan
Heal Please 1 Grastan
The Specialists (Alb) 1 Miraveth
Saying Hello 1 Old Man
Introducing the Command Window 1 Old Man
How to Gather Comrades 1 Old Man
The Benefits of Potions 1 Commander Kneeland
Learning Waypoints (Alb) 3 Commander Kneeland
Orders for the Dockmaster 3 Commander Kneeland
A Distant Shore 4 Dockmaster
Crabby Nuisance 4 Dockmaster
Dive, Dive! 4 Dockmaster
The Matriarch 3 Lieutenant Cantren
Reporting for Duty 5 Lieutenant Cantren
Showing Respect 5 Sir Remson
Taking Out the Trash 5 Sir Remson
Convoy 6 Sir Remson
Waste Not, Want Not 4 Elizabeth
Smith! Smith! Yeth? 6 Elizabeth
Quell the Invasion 4 Commander Kneeland
Wings of the Isle 3 Gershwin
Emma's Doll 5 Evan
Dyeing Is Not So Bad 2 Liliana
One Man's Salvage 6 Evan
Hunt the Hunters 6 Edward the Horse Trainer
Oats Bodkins 6 Timothy the herder

New Avalon[]

Name Level NPC
Quest:Bad Moon Rising 7 NPC:George the Foreman
Quest:A Little Something for the Missis 6 NPC:George the Foreman
Quest:Get Crabby 7 NPC:Mordren
Quest:Fuel for the Fire 7 NPC:Mordren
Quest:Snap Claw 8 NPC:Mordren
Quest:Victory or Dye Trying 6 http://tool.excidio.net/icon/png/2845s.png [Petricia]
Quest:The Alchemist 8 http://tool.excidio.net/icon/png/2845s.png [Petricia]
Quest:Spellcrafting - It's Magic You Can Keep! 7 NPC:Martin
Quest:Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It... 7 NPC:George the Foreman
Quest:Leadership Laid Low 8 NPC:George the Foreman
Quest:The Bear Necessities 7 NPC:Fereshteh
Quest:Deception Revealed 8 NPC:George the Foreman


Name Level NPC
Quest:Defending the Harbor 9 http://tool.excidio.net/icon/png/2845s.png [Captain Alphus]
Quest:Arming the Hammer 9 http://tool.excidio.net/icon/png/2845s.png [Lieutenant Gouth]
Quest:Hunting the Master Hound 9 NPC:Commander Kiethyn
Quest:Way of the Wolf 9 NPC:Commander Kiethyn
Quest:Supply and Demand (Heretic) 9 http://tool.excidio.net/icon/png/2845s.png [Captain Alphus]
Quest:Out of the Woodwork 8 NPC:Seyla
Quest:Hunting Season 9 NPC:Vartain
Quest:Local Brew 9 NPC:Vartain
Quest:Gathering Wood 9 NPC:Vartain
Quest:Dark Alleys 9 NPC:Vartain
Quest:Way of the Cat 10 NPC:Lysuni
Quest:Great Cat of the Sound 10 NPC:Lysuni
Quest:Restoring Fauna 10 NPC:Aldus Goran
Quest:Rebuilding Flora 10 NPC:Aldus Goran
Quest:Healing Salve 10 NPC:Cosen
Quest:Kingdom for a Horse 10 NPC:Balyn
Quest:The Ways of Chivalry 10 NPC:Balyn
Quest:Forging Steel 8 NPC:Bols
Quest:The Hilt of the Blade 9 NPC:Bols
Quest:Returning Resources 10 NPC:Sentyn
Quest:The Carver's Mystery 10 NPC:Silas, the Woodworker
Quest:Bringing Law to the Lawless 10 NPC:Commander Kiethyn
Quest:The Tolling Bell 10 http://tool.excidio.net/icon/png/2845s.png [Captain Alphus]
Quest:A Wizard's Aid 10 NPC:Sage