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This document explains what a player should do if they find a Quest Bug, as well as what happens when bugs are reported to us.

Bear in mind that, while they will gladly take any potential bug reports you may have, CSRs cannot help you find NPCs, items, locations or otherwise assist you in completing quests at any time.

What is a Quest Bug?

A Quest Bug is an error in a quest that prevents the player from ever completing that quest. This can be as simple as an NPC (Non-Player Character) that does not spawn (appear at set intervals) or the failure to deliver an item required to complete the quest.

What is not a Quest Bug?

Many people mistake common difficulties while completing quests for actual Quest Bugs. Below are some common mistakes that people make while questing. Prior to reporting a potential Quest Bug, make sure you are not experiencing any of the issues listed here:

Having difficulty completing a quest does not necessarily mean that the quest is actually broken. Many steps in many quests require that you find and interact with a variety of NPCs in order to complete the quest. Many of these NPCs spawn at specific times and places. As a result, you may need to figure out when and where that NPC will spawn and make sure you are there the next time it does. If multiple individuals are attempting to fight a specific NPC in order to complete a quest step, they should first make sure all members are actually assigned to that quest and then they should form a group together. Failing to do so will often result in not all members of the party receiving the item or information that is supposed to come from defeating the NPC and, subsequently, being forced to wait for the NPC to respawn in order to fight it again.

If you lose or sell an item that was given to you during a quest, you will be unable to get it back. So be careful when using or moving quest-acquired items.In the event that you have lost or sold an item and are now stuck with an unfinished quest, you should file a /appeal and ask to have that item replaced.

How should players deal with actual Quest Bugs?

If a player has ruled out any of the issues listed above and feels that they have found a legitimate bug in a quest, they should file an appeal by using the /appeal feature within the game. Players should include as much information as possible, including the quest name, which step(s) they had completed and what they had done prior to reaching the point where they believe they found the bug. They should also include any other information they feel may be helpful.

What happens when we receive Quest Bug reports?

Once a potential quest bug has been reported, our quest investigation team will look into that report to establish its validity.

If it is found that there is, in fact, a bug in the quest, it will immediately be escalated to our main quest team for repair. At the same time, a report will be posted on our support site (http://support.darkageofcamelot.com), explaining that the quest is currently under investigation and that players are cautioned against undertaking the quest in the meantime as in may be changed or disabled at any time

Once the quest is repaired, the initial quest will be reset so that players may re-receive it and subsequently complete the newly repaired quest. Additionally, a notice will be placed on our support site, announcing that the quest is, once again, ready to be undertaken.If, upon investigation, it is found that the quest in question does not include any bugs or errors, the reporting player will be contacted with information of what to do to complete the quest.