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Level: 11
Master Kless
Master Jless
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brownie bruiser
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Master Kless needs brownie bruiser blood to use in a spell that will help determine if they are bespelled. Kill three brownie bruisers, and return to Master Kless with their blood.


If you have more time Id like to speak with you about the few fae creatures that are left in this densely-settled region.. Perhaps a nice belt and ring will entice you? While I'm sure they've no love for our kind, after being forced to go into hiding - or else run the risk of attracting the attention of the Church - they've seldom been a menace. Meddlesome yes, but rarely have they been malevolent. Recently, however, some villagers have spoken of having encounters with members of the wee folk that seem out of the ordinary; almost sinister, even. Children being abducted, farmers being attacked without provocation, foodstuffs being poisoned; it's almost as if they're under some kind of enchantment. This is not like them. If King Arthur found it in his heart to respect the old ways, then so shall I. But I must study this further, and could use your help, if you'd be kind enough to assist me.


Kill 3 brownie bruisers Return to Master Kless with the blood.


Ah, you've returned with the blood! While I hate to see harm done to any creature not inherently evil, it's become necessary to take drastic measures to get to the root of the problem. Hopefully, I shall. Please accept these as a reward for your aid.


  • 45,600 experience
  • 44 silver and some copper
  • Defender's Belt

- Slash 3%, Crush 3%, Thrust 2%

  • Defender's Ring

- Hits 10, Heat 2%, Cold 2%


The brownie bruisers are located just past the portal to Shrouded Isles.